Harry Wong
Dec 2017
Vol 14 No 4

Dark Matter goes to Kindergarten – A Poem by Todd R. Nelson

By Todd R. Nelson

Dark Matter Goes to Kindergarten

Mama, can you help me dress all in black today?

Are you doing a secret dark matter costume again?

I account for most of the known universe,

From the Big Bang to lunch recess—

Without orbit, or center, or circumference—

At least in this space-time continuum.

My teacher sees only a dark shirt and pants,

Thanks to the scant visible radiation I emit.

My stuffed Moose, Cosmo, has proven me

With quantum theory.

I play four-square with anti-matter.

I have gravitational attraction for

The obscurest particles in my class.

I yearn for suitable plotlines at story time.

At lunch, I nibble neutrinos in my Higgs bosun’s chair.

Soon, I will reveal my knowledge of exoplanets and

Worm holes—when my friends are ready.

I tie my own shoes. I lost two teeth.

The tooth fairy pays me in quasars under my pillow.

Light speed is not the universal constant.

It is attraction, giggles, and infinite curiosity.

—Todd R. Nelson

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About the author

Todd R. Nelson has worked in public and private education since 1979 in schools in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, rural Maine, and Philadelphia.

For 10 years, he was a frequent commentator on Maine Public Radio. He publishes frequently in national and regional publications including The Christian Science Monitor, Teachers.Net Gazette and the Ellsworth American, and is the author of several books for educators and other people.

He and his wife, Lesley, have three adult children.

Todd Nelson is a former school administrator and prolific writer having been published here and in Christian Science Monitor, Ellsworth American and many other publications. He writes from his home near the coast of Maine.



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