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Oct 2017
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2 Ways to Teach the Three Branches of US Government

By Teachers.Net Community

From the Fifth Grade Teachers Chatboard:


Does anyone have any good ideas on teaching the three branches of the government to fifth graders? Also, do you now of a good children’s book that would be appropriate to use with this grade level? Thanks for your help.  ~Denise

Response by Jennifer:
I build a “tree.” The roots are labeled as Constitution, since that is what holds our government together. The trunk is labeled republic, since that is the basis for the three branches. Then there are the three main branches, labeled with each of the actual branches of government. Off of that are smaller branches that identify the responsibilities of each branch. The kids put it together and they love it!


Response by Sue:

I got a book called Super Social Studies! In there is a project taking the three branches of government and displaying them on a wire hanger.

I have done this the past four years and it really helps, along with a quick one minute warm-up when they come in from recess, or lunch, asking them the levels and who’s in charge etc.

I also use the software from Inspiration or Kidspiration to web the three branches and have the kids attach it to their notebook for reference.



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