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Preschool Teachers 3/28/11 Chat Transcript

By Teachers.Net Community

Cheryl/NH – logged on.
Cheryl/NH – Hi everyone! Welcome to the Tuesday night Preschool teachers chat! Say hi when you get here!
Jenny/ID – logged on.
Jenny/ID – Hello Cheryl.
Cheryl/NH – Hi Jenny!
Cheryl/NH – How was your past week?
Jenny/ID – Good, fighting a cold. How was your week?
Jayneice – logged on.
Jayneice – Yo, Peeps!
Jayneice – no fun Jenny, sorry to hear that!
Jenny/ID – I figure I will spend my first year teaching sick. I think it is the way it goes.
CSL/IApk – logged on.
Jayneice – yes, it does seem the first year one teaches, regardless of the age group, you’re sick most of the time
Jayneice – hello CSL! how has your week going?
Jayneice – Jenny, I swear by this… I think it’s the reason that my kiddos generally stay healthy and I also seem to keep well.
CSL/IApk – logged on.
Jayneice – Our sped. coop nurse says to mix 1 tablespoon of bleach to a quart of water. I keep it in a mister bottle and I mist and wipe my tables daily. I also mist the keyboard, wipe down door knobs and mist down my housekeeping area. I still have kiddos who put everything in their mouths so I’ve got a germy room.
CSL/IApk – We use the bleach water in a mister bottle in our classroom as well.
Jenny/ID – We use bleach water as well. I just need to use it more.
Jayneice – so what do you think CSL, do you think it makes a difference? I know the other classrooms don’t do it and when one gets sick it’s like the dominoes have been set into motion
CSL/IApk – I think it helps. Everyone in our program does. We also require handwashing when they first get to school.
Jayneice – yes we do that too CSL, as soon as they walk in the door it’s to the sink to wash hands
Cheryl/NH – We use the bleach solution as well…I’m the bleach and water queen…I actually bleach the backs of all the chairs every day withit (the part they use their hands to pull the chair out with)..
Jayneice – Cheryl, ME TOO! I’m the resident germ-a-phobe (not really but m y behavior suggests I have a phobia)
Jayneice – this morning, one of my parents had to speak to me urgently…these parents are delayed adults so one never really knows what is so urgent….. she had a litter of crippled kittens and wanted to know if I could fix them.
Jayneice – Yes, I was patient, but when she left… I’m thinking… omgosh, somedays I feel like the wizard of oz
Cheryl/NH – yes…I do! And call me crazy, but when a parent says they need to talk to the director, you just…I dunno, get the director, yes? I guess she told the teacher she wanted to speak with both of us when all the kids left…sounds like my teacher was avoiding a potential issue? She avoids any conflict like the plague. I did speak with the teacher…this isn’t the first time something like this has come up…she’s off “discharge the students” duty as of today.
CSL/IApk – Your parents think highly of you Jay
Cheryl/NH – I feel that if a parent needs to speak with a teacher or director at pick up, it needs to happen. If the issue is one that needs a set conference date, that’s fine, but we need to talk to them to find out what’s going on…ok, sorry
Cheryl/NH – Done venting……thanks for “reading”!
Jayneice – you can’t, in respect to your staffer, be afraid to talk to a parent just because you might hae to have an uncomfortable conversation.
Jayneice – it’s ok Cheryl, we all need to vent
Cheryl/NH – Awww, poor things…..and they wanted you to fix them?
anne – logged on.
CSL/IApk – This is a good place to vent Cheryl. I agree with you stance.
Cheryl/NH – Agreed Jay, it’s all part of our job as part of a team with the parents…the good and the potential bad…thanks!
CSL/IApk – Welcome anne!
Cheryl/NH – Hi anne!
Jayneice – yeah, I love these parents. they are really sweet people and their child has horns holding his halo to go along with his angel’s face.
meeeha/ece/hi – logged on.
Jayneice – hello anne, pull up a barstool and pick yer poison. I’m mixing for the customary midweek vent lol
Jayneice – meeehaa!!!!!
meeeha/ece/hi – aloha! Here for a few!
Cheryl/NH – Hi meeeha!
CSL/IApk – aloha!
meeeha/ece/hi – sorry … missed the confusion here! I DO agree that when parents need to talk we need to find out “why” and how long they can wait (schedule a conference … or talk NOW!

Jayneice – meeha… no chickies… I had only 1 hatch and she got cold in the night Friday night and died. I was torn; do I dig her a tiny little grave and say a few words or just bag her up like yesterday’s newspaper.
meeeha/ece/hi – Jay — i read that on the board the other evening … sorry for that!
Jayneice – absolutely, we have to make parents believe and feel that we’re a team for their child. If parents don’t feel like we’re approachable then the kids suffer
Jayneice – yeah… but, clutch #2 should hatch Thur. Fingers crossed
Cheryl/NH – oh, jay, I’m sorry about your chickie.
meeeha/ece/hi – my parents have pretty much “full access” to me … including home e-mail and my cell phone number! I’m “perpetually available”!
Cheryl/NH – anne, I’m happy you could find the room! I forgot to put the link on the post on the preschool chatboard that takes you directly here! Good job!
Jayneice – well, such is life Cheryl, I had 35 dud eggs… 32 weren’t even fertilized
meeeha/ece/hi – I hope clutch 2 works — that would be incubator 2, then?
Cheryl/NH – me too meeha, they have my home phone and cell as well as email.
Cheryl/NH – REALLY? 32…man…
Jayneice – wow meeha.. I do draw the line at my cell phone, email, phone calls, and drop in at anytime, even during classtime. I welcome them to come and observe
meeeha/ece/hi – I’ve been in HI almost 4 years now and still get calls from Texas parents!
Jayneice – I guess that doesn’t read correctly. Insert a Period after cell phone.
Cheryl/NH – lol jay….I completely got it!
meeeha/ece/hi – So far I’ve been lucky — no one has abused the offer to call when they need me!
meeeha/ece/hi – I understood what you were saying, Jay!
Jayneice – that’s awesome meeha, you really develop some great relationships!
Jenny/ID – I have wondered if it would be a good idea to give the parents my personal information.
anne – apparently I have two chat screens? I’m new to this……..
Cheryl/NH – my parents are pretty hesitant to call me at home…they feel like it’s invasive….cell phones are just the way of the world these days I guess!
Cheryl/NH – anne, is there an “enter meeting” button you can press?
Jayneice – cheryl and meeha are gifted. there is a knack to understanding “Jay-ese”
meeeha/ece/hi – Jenny — you kind of need to “know your population” and what your personal tolerances are … I’m very open but the parents haven’t abused it, as I said above. SOMETIMES you get a parent who truly makes you wish you’d not shared information with them!
Cheryl/NH – or, it’s the whole “no need for punctuation in preschool” thing that we all have going!
Jayneice – I live in a high poverty area, i’m lucky if my parents have a working phone on any given day
meeeha/ece/hi – anne — at the bottom right side of the corner there is a little scroll bar — try scrolling it all the way to the top of that area and see if that helps.
Jayneice – I make lots of impromptu home visits for signatures. Which I’ll be doing tomorrow
Jayneice – LOL Cheryl, yeah…that’s it!
anne – thanks, Cheryl…….I guess I’m on the right screen……I’ll try to catch up
Cheryl/NH – I remember my daughter’s classroom in middle school…there was a poster that read: Dog-eating chicken and Dog, eating chicken…took me a while, but then got it!
Jenny/ID – I worry about it being abused. I have a parent that has one of the other teachers numbrs and is always texting or calling her, even when she has the day off.
Cheryl/NH – lol…are you all reading it trying to get it??? Keep in mind it is late at night and only Tuesday!
Jayneice – I have a colleague that lets parents have her cell and I see her dealing with the same issues Jenny.
Cheryl/NH – No problem anne…you’ll catch on…CSL is a PRO now, right CSL?!
Jayneice – I inherited one of her parents; a very needing and I’m sorry but literally psychotic woman. I made it clear when she asked about my cell phone that I was always willing to talk to her at school…my planning was at…and I usually stayed until…. etc…

meeeha/ece/hi – Cheryl — that is funny!
Jayneice – LOL Cheryl
CSL/IApk – I had great guides to get me in and get started. I manage quite well now
Jenny/ID – At the same time I feel bad because some kids show up before me and leave after me so I never see their parents.
Cheryl/NH – Yes you do Ms. CSL!
Jayneice – ahhh, CLS. Do you ever have Parent/Teacher conferences?
meeeha/ece/hi – Jay — I HAVE been known to be “selective” about which card I offer a parent … some have cell/home #’s and some do not!
Cheryl/NH – Well, should we all talk curriculum?
Jenny/ID – No, not so far. I have only been there for 3 months.
Cheryl/NH – Anne, how are you doing…navigating the page ok?
Cheryl/NH – ooh, meeeha, different cards for different parents…great idea!
meeeha/ece/hi – Sounds like a plan, Cheryl! Let’s talk curriculum!
CSL/IApk – I do share my cell phone #, but my parents don’t abuse it. I think it helps my ESL parents to call and make sure they understood the delays or cancellations especiaally
Jayneice – sure… so, exactly which direction do we want to take the curriculum conversation?
anne – I’ll figure it out as I go,… tends to be what works well for me
Jayneice – I’d smile for you anne, but I’m not sure my emoticons show up
meeeha/ece/hi – I think that Montmo will be in next week to help us better understand Montessori … let’s start with Creative Curriculum if that’s okay with folks!
Cheryl/NH – okie dokie anne, just give a shout if you need help!
anne – thank you, Cheryl
Cheryl/NH – yes, montmo will be helping us understand Montessori next week!
CSL/IApk – Our program uses CC
Cheryl/NH – Sure–has or does anyone here use The Creative Curriculum?
Jayneice – sure, I taught CC last semester at the community college
Cheryl/NH – Do you also use their assessment forms CSL?
meeeha/ece/hi – Our program uses (?) CC. I’ve read bits and pieces … use other assessment tools, though
anne – I’m Montessori trained, but mentor community college students that use CC and other st yles
Cheryl/NH – I love their…is it 58 items now on CC for areas of development?
CSL/IApk – we use a techer created assessment but are workking toward using the CC forms more
Jayneice – the teachers in the collaboration use CC and the online progress monitoring
Cheryl/NH – they have level 1 and level 2 which is great for a program like ours…we have 3 year olds and then 4 year olds and they usually continue with us for 2 years.
Cheryl/NH – Wow anne..I hope you’ll be able to join us next week as well and share your Montessori knowledge!
Jayneice – I think the teachers have a tough time figuring out how to use it. The observations can be subjective when the teacher doesn’t have an early childhood background to couple with their K-6 licensure
meeeha/ece/hi – We use BRIGANCE for assessment (formal) … I create my own i ndividual assessments (based on where students are at a point in time … for ongoing assessment.
Jayneice – I’d love to know more about montessori
anne – lol……if I can find my way here again, I will
Cheryl/NH – jenny, you all right your own theme based general curriculum right?
CSL/IApk – We have 50 items to observe for CC, but I have heard they have adapted a 38 pt one?
Cheryl/NH – lol anne! Too funny! I’ll try to remember to put the direct link on the chat reminder post next week though!
Jayneice – I’ve started using the Bracken for my mild to moderate kids going into Kdg. but sped either must use the Carolina or the AEPS
Cheryl/NH – oh…38 point, 58 point…what’s 20 points between preschoolers?!!!
Jenny/ID – Yes, I would like to have a curriculum to play with sometimes.
Cheryl/NH – What is Bracken?
Jayneice – LOL Cheryl
Jayneice – Bracken is a School Readiness Assessment
CSL/IApk – Alot of observations Cheryl! Especially if you have 2 classes!
Cheryl/NH – CSL, is the 38 point one perhaps with their new edition of the CC that came out this year? I didn’t purchase it…it was pretty price
Jayneice – yes CSL ! it is!
Cheryl/NH – oooh, touche! Good point!
Cheryl/NH – oops…pretty pricey I meant!
CSL/IApk – We did not get the new edition.
CSL/IApk – I understood perfectly.
Jayneice – Sped. does not use CC, since I must use the AEPS then we remain independent of CC and the head start performance standards that way I can build developmental programs along side their curriculum
Cheryl/NH – There is a Creative Curriculum for toddlers Jenny, that may help you with planning as well.
Jayneice – I dont think I have the new edition. probably would be helpful before I teach the next semester, huh?
Jenny/ID – I will have to look up the creative curriculum. Have not heard of it. Thanks.
CSL/IApk – I think CC allows us to be very flexible. It is more a philosophy than a scripted day by day format. I like that. Some newer teachers struggled with that part.
Jayneice – I wish Meeha hadn’t stepped out. I wonder if she’s using the HELP
Cheryl/NH – That’s what I love about it too CSL…it takes solid growth and development for the age group and breaks it down so that you are planning basd on the growth and development and then
Cheryl/NH – the assessments are based on those same objectives so you know where to “bump up” or spend more time on certain areas
Cheryl/NH – the 5th edition of CC is about $190..they broke it down into 5 volumes…the foundational stuff, literacy, math and interest centers and…….hmmm……..
Cheryl/NH – oh, and the objectives (just looked it up!)
Cheryl/NH – Its from Jenny You may be able to get a copy at the library to check out first.
CSL/IApk – WHOA, $190, that explains why our program did not update yet.
Cheryl/NH – meeeha, are you baking the cake at school?
Cheryl/NH – yup….big bucks this time around
Jayneice – she had to go check the oven?
meeeha/ece/hi – back again!
Cheryl/NH – how’s the cake baking coming along ms. meeeha?
meeeha/ece/hi – cake will bake at her apartment.
meeeha/ece/hi – i’m still at the school.
Cheryl/NH – anne, what grade/ages do you work with? And, do you follow a specific curriculum?
Cheryl/NH – what time is it there meeeha?
Jayneice – WB meeha!
anne – I teach Montessori, ages 24 months through kindergarten
meeeha/ece/hi – Cheryl — it is almost 4 pm here.
Cheryl/NH – ok, I must digress for a moment……we’re getting a nor’easter on friday……..oye vey…ok, done, back to our regularly scheduled chat
anne – 36 children, all in one room
Jayneice – we have a huge montessori school in Kansas City, KS. It’s called the Learning Tree (I think) I’ve seen pictures but I’ve never been.
Cheryl/NH – wow anne, and a multi age group…home or center based?
CSL/IApk – Any assistants anne?
Jayneice – how many adults?
Cheryl/NH – phew… many teachers anne?
meeeha/ece/hi – Well, friends … we have to be at the market before it closes just before 5 … have to hit WalMart of milk and icing tips … and LOTS of work before I put an 8-year-old who misses her mommy very much to bed at 8 … guess I’d better excuse myself for this week!
Cheryl/NH – lolol…we’re all exhausted for you anne, can you tell???!!
meeeha/ece/hi – You all have a great week and I’m already looking forward to next week’s chat!
anne – center based. I am the directress (lead teacher) and I have 3 aides to help
Jayneice – awww, g’nite meeha! have a great week and we’ll catch you next time
Cheryl/NH – Yummy…happy baking! Extra hugs to her….have fun meeeha
CSL/IApk – bye meeha
meeeha/ece/hi – Mahalo! ‘niters!
Jenny/ID – Bye , meeha.
anne – I love it! I’ve been teaching for 20 plus years now
Cheryl/NH – have you always taught Montessori anne?

Cheryl/NH – Mahalo!
Jayneice – anne, how is your inclusion population. Montessori schools can be great for kids with ASD; especially on teh high end of the spectrum
anne – seems like I have……….but no. I worked with special needs children and in a state funded center before Montessori
Cheryl/NH – wow anne……..this group of teachers in this room are SOOO your colleagues! Most have been or are special needs based as well.
anne – Jayneice, it seems to vary. The children stay with me from age two through kinder, so it depends upon who enrolls when my kinder children graduate
Jayneice – ok, I’m digressing for a bit.. hubby just got home and he doesn’t know it yet bbut he’s giving me a foot massage
Jayneice – do you find that you attract p arents of special needs children?
Cheryl/NH – lol jay, the song “honey I’m home” from shania twain is now ringing in my head!
CSL/IApk – Montessori intrigues me. I wish I could be here next week. But I will be watching the 16 yo in the last academic quiz bowl this seaon.
Jayneice – LOL
anne – It seems to depend on how educated the parents are about Montessori. Some families who are familiar with the philosophy know how it can meet their needs, but oftentimes,like any other program, the parents need education about not only my program, but others in the area
Jayneice – go 16 year old!
Cheryl/NH – academic quiz bowl…cool! I’ll try to copy and paste it to a document and then send it to you csl … or see if Kathleen can archive that one.
CSL/IApk – 3rd and last one still at home.
anne – It seems like the philosophy has a distinct ‘
Jayneice – lol Cheryl, well… I did wash the dog.. did I mention she is an Aussie? lots, and I do mean lots…of hair
Jayneice – mine are all gone CSL, youngest is getting married in May, two older ones swear they’ll never get married
Cheryl/NH – jay, hair not fur?
anne – “mystic” quality to some, yet it’s basically a type of approach to education…..a different type of philosophy…
Jayneice – well, fur
Cheryl/NH – exactlyanne, it’s a philosophy…and parents do need educating, sometimes their “stereo type” is incorrect
anne – I notice through the mentoring, that while other types of programs are discussed in college classes, Montessori is either not touched upon, or the information given is vague
anne – so I think it’s confusing to many…..and to parents, as well.
Cheryl/NH – ahh…well, we have a Corgi…fur….lots of it…I swear I could make little dogs out of what he sheds in fall and spring and sell them on ebay and retire!
Cheryl/NH – yes anne, it’s true…the only time I “learned” about montessori in college was in the intro to ECE course where all different approaches and types of programs were iscussed.
Jenny/ID – I did not have Montessori covered at all in my classes in college. I just graduated in 09.
Cheryl/NH – I think mainly because of some bad press for a while, from non certified montesorrie programs calling themselves montessori
anne – Cheryl, that is where it does hurt.
Jayneice – we covered it
Cheryl/NH – Yes, and it’s a shame. It gives a bad name to a wonderful approach.
anne – that, and the fact that there are slightly different schools of thought within the Montessori community itself
Jayneice – I also worked with a professor who was really into Montessori when I was in my 20s, but we didn’t have a montessori program
Cheryl/NH – are they different enough to change the approach anne?
Jayneice – LOL@ your Corgi’s Cheryl. I have this fabulous shedding comb that I bought at the farm and home. It looks kind of like a shedding blade you use on horses.
anne – not really, Cheryl, but some schools of thought adhere more closely to Maria Montessori’s actual writings, while others adhere to them, but also allow incorporating other aspects not ‘traditionally’ grounded in Montessori’s own philosophny
Cheryl/NH – CSL, mine are moved out…one is 23 and the other is finishing her first year of college.
CSL/IApk – I have to go now. Cheryl, if you could archive next week’s chat that would be great.
Cheryl/NH – We need one of those jay…his winter coat …I brush him every day and it’s not enough…that undercoat kills us!
Jayneice – I need to go too, hubby is home. We own a family business and we’ve recently bought a second location. hubby is working long hours at night trying to get the new store ready to open.
Cheryl/NH – CSL, I will do my best cyberfriend! I’ll either copy and paste and then post my email adress on the board or I’ll see if Kathleen can archive it for us
Jayneice – Cheryl, this really gets to that undercoat
Cheryl/NH – yeah yeah jay…sure blame it on business………..enjoy your foot massage!
Cheryl/NH – what’s the name of the comb???
CSL/IApk – Thanks! Bye all!
CSL/IApk – logged off.
Cheryl/NH – anne, you’ve have been so informative with montessori tonight! Thanks! I truly hope to see you next week!
Jayneice – it’s a long blade with serated edges on one side. There are two leather handles. You start at the tail with the teeth pointed against the grain. Then pull it toward the head. It doesn’t hurt but that shed just lifts out like blowing a dandelion
anne – I’m interested in hearing about the curriculum others use. I’m learning a lot through the mentoring, but can always learn more!!
Jayneice – I’ll see if I can find one and post a message on the board with a link.
Cheryl/NH – I’ll be taking cameron to petsmart with me “in search of” this week! Thanks jay!
Jayneice – you’re welcome.. talk to all next week! God Bless!
Jayneice – logged off.
Cheryl/NH – many here are required to use a district program and then enhance it based on individual needs. I’m in a private program and we write our own based on developmental progress and then build it pretty much under a theme.
Cheryl/NH – Anne and Jenny, I do need to get going as well. It’s 10:15 … almost “Cinderella time” for me!
Cheryl/NH – I hope to see you both next week and on the boards before then!
Jenny/ID – Goodnight.
anne – thanks for the intro to this board. I’ll try to participate next week
Cheryl/NH – Good night Jenny!
Cheryl/NH – Good night anne! You’re welcome and I hope to see you more!
Cheryl/NH – logged off.
anne – logged off.



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