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Polar Express Theme Lessons, Activities

By Teachers.Net Community

All aboard! for some terrific ideas you can use to accompany this classic story! Add your ideas in the Comments section following the article, and be sure to click on the Facebook and Twitter widgets to share this terrific material with friends!

Polar Express Reader’s Theater – all the work is done for you!

From the Teachers.Net mailrings:

Thanks to Cathy for sharing these links to Polar Express activities and ideas:


Jo Anna wrote:

Every year, I have my students make candy train engines like the one from the following website:–a-candy-craft.html#


From Lanise:
[Polar Express] was a favorite of mine in the classroom – it was a family tradition to have my husband come in and read it. I have a page on my website about it…I just checked all links – a couple aren’t up and running, but most are, and I think they could inspire you. Let me know if they are useful…here’s the link…


Josie Whitehead of Josie’s Poems wrote:
I’m not sure what Polar Express Day is, but, as a teacher and a children’s poet, can I recommend to you all that you might like the two poems I’ve written for a day about the cold polar regions:
JOSIE’S POEMS – The Winter Picnic – a lovely poem about Winter and his best friend Ice who choose a cold snowy field for a picnic together. Next to the river, they are able to swim in the freezing cold water which makes them both laugh and shiver etc. Your younger children will absolutely love this poem which I wrote for children at my local school – 6 year olds.

The other poem is this one: The Ice Queen – This beautiful queen lives in an ice palace in the polar region somewhere, but she has a wonderful palace made of Vanilla Ice Cream and she rides in a golden coach – well a golden sledge/coach I would say – and she shares her wonderful world with the creatures who live there, including her best friend Penguin who loves living in this place – – – but in this wonderful world, do you think she is happy? No. Not at all. She longs for something quite different. I am sure your children will love these poems and please please please, if you can recommend my website and all the work I’ve done both writing 900 poems in the last 5 years, making the websites and the hardest thing is telling the teachers – – – – well, I’d be so grateful for the children love these poems, and yours will also. They are there for you to freely use and recommend – – – and please do come and say hello in the guestbook and tell me where you are from and did your children like my poems?

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg website
has games and activities, more resources!


The Polar Express online game (free)


The Polar Express Ticket Game (online, free)


Here Comes the Train (music, young children)


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