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Favorite Math Manipulatives – Gr. 2

By Teachers.Net Community

From the second grade teachers’ mailring

Recently I presented to 35+ pre-service elementary teachers with an interest in math.  It went really well and I was asked if I would do it again.  After replying YES, then I realized that I need to start a new collection, as some of these same pre-service teachers will be at the same meeting next year, depending on how far along they are in their studies.

I thought I would start with collecting favorite math manipulatives.

My favorite math manipulative is from Learning Resources — foam blank dice in 5 or 6 different colors.  With a permanent marker I can create dice quickly for the game of choice.

My second favorite math manipulative are those colorful connecting cubes that weigh 1 gram.  Similar to Base Ten ones cubes, but they connect together.

What is your favorite math manipulative?



A response from a grade two colleague:


As part of our math set we have cards that are used for place value called Secret Code Cards.  They allow students to build numbers by stacking each place value on top of the other.  Then they can separate the cards and see that the 3 in the tens place (for example) really stands for 30.

The ones set has the numbers 1-9 written, the tens has 10-90 (counting by tens), hundreds has 100-900 (counting by 100’s) and so on.

Students can build a number such as 743, by putting the number 40 on top of 700, and then 3 on top of 40.  They then see the number 743 and can take it apart to see the value of each digit.

I found that understanding the concepts of a 3 in the hundreds  really being 300, was very helpful as students started expanding numbers to do multi-digit multiplication.

Rebecca Melis

Please share your favorite math manipulatives and games in the Comments section below!



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