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Should High School Teachers be Paid More than Kindergarten Teachers?

By Teachers.Net Community

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Darla posted:

I’d like to see those teachers who spend more time on actual subject area teaching get more pay than, say, a Kindergarten teacher. It is not that Kindergarten is not valuable and it’s not that the teaching doesn’t require EXTREME patience and skill at redirecting, good insight, good diagnostic and remediation skills, etc., it’s just not the same level of work.

In a separate post, Darla said:

I know that [kindergarten teachers] will say that their mommying skills and pedagogy are just as important as the intense subject matter of AP courses…sigh.

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Response by Deb ms/IA (Preschool teacher, Adjunct Professor for AP Comp, 8th
Grade Reading Specialist, K-12 Reading Specialist)

Darla you obviously have never taught in the area of early childhood. Your statement confirms that. I suggest you go sub in the kindergarten classroom for a week. To make it an even more meaningful event for you I suggest that the regular teacher leave you no lesson plans other than the objectives she must cover for that week (math, reading, science, social studies, writing). I also suggest you get at least one daily recess duty also.

Then come back to this board and say kindergarten teachers [should] get less pay then the AP teachers.

You see many early childhood teachers prepare their own materials. There is no “book” for kindergarten to follow. NO text book and no teacher’s manuals. Teachers glean information from many sources ( early childhood board was an excellent source of resources for me 15 years ago). Most of their sources the teachers BUY themselves. Most of the materials the need to make their learning centers they BUY themselves. Kinder teachers also teach all the academic areas. Have you seen the core objectives that early childhood has to cover? Early childhood people give far more probes and assessments to see how progress is coming with their students. The biggest problem early childhood people face is the forcing down of curriculum.  This has created many disruptive students that are frustrated and shut down their learning and that continues over the course of their education. This problem has come about due to educratic mandates that are not appropriate for the early childhood setting.

Early childhood teachers start from scratch with the youngen’s they have many of today’s kids have not had lap time, many have not been read to, have tv’s that babysit them. Some have had great home experiences while others are already from broken homes. Early childhood teachers have to help develop the foundation for education, often times starting from the bare ground with no support from home values.

AP teachers have their place in the schools. They serve a far different student than the kindergarten teacher. Both have demanding jobs, both have core objectives to complete. Each has their specialty area and are needed in the school system. Most schools with the step system in place recognize the different levels of experience and education and use that in the pay scale. Education, K-12, is a different world of pay than the normal job market.

So Darla you don’t have a clue as to the differences in kindergarten teacher work and AP work. Until you do know the difference you better put that shovel away and stop dissing ANY level of teacher (yes, your original post, 2nd one I believe, did insult the kindergarten level teacher and placed her/his worth over an AP teacher). Each grade level has its challenges and work load. Each level is to be respected by the other grade level educators.

I have cut my own manipulatives, made more file folder games and felt pieces, designed learning centers and graded weekly composition essays than I care to count. We all do our part in education!

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