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Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Circulation and the Heart Activity

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Science activity to teach about circulation and the heart
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Elementary/Middle Grades


My students are struggling with understanding human body systems. I tossed out an idea almost as a joke, saying I wish we could turn the whole classroom into a heart, and a few kids took it upon themselves to bring it to fruition. They put two different colors of yarn all around the room,
running side by side on the floor making a pathway to represent arteries and veins coming from and winding its way to returning to the heart.

My desk was the brain, the desks in front of me the heart and lungs, and the back of the room the feet (picture the Operation game, like a flat patient on his back, without the actual patient).

Each student, called randomly, then acts as a red blood cell and goes to the kid sitting at the heart desk and gets a cotton ball from a bucket representing oxygen, follows the path down to the feet on the artery side of the yarn, puts the “oxygen” in a bucket there, and travels the vein side of the yarn back to the heart, where a kid wearing a “lungs” sign pops a cotton ball into the heart bucket and repeats the process.

It needs a *lot* of tweaking, but for a rudimentary understanding of the circulatory system, it went great! The kids at least got a real feel for it being a continuous cycle.



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