Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Achievement is More than a Test Score
By Barbara Blackburn

In today's age of accountability, where success is defined as a score on a standardized test, the notion of achievement as any more than a test score can be perceived as blasphemous. Accountability is not completely a bad thing. I've seen positives come out of increased accountability, such as ensuring that all students know the standards. But the notion that a score on one test given at one time should be the only measure of whether or not someone is successful just isn't right. I never planned to teach in a junior high school; teaching elementary school, first grade in particular, was always my dream. When a teacher transferred right after the start of school, however, my certification landed me a position teaching seventh-grade language arts and social studies. The next year I was asked to teach developmental classes, which were courses for students whose test scores were below grade level....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Socrates in Preschool

By Todd R. Nelson

I’ve always loved the point of view of an old friend of mind, a former school head. Jonathan Slater told his faculty, one September, “Watching and listening are the greatest …

The Eyes and Ears of Writing by Julie Bey

By Julie Bey

Writing is torture. Or so many of my students tell me at the beginning of each year. I cringe every time I hear that. How did they learn to hate …

Your Classroom Setup Requires Thoughtful Planning

By Gertrude A. Wuensch

Whether it is the first year of teaching or the twentieth year, all teachers enter a room with desks piled up in one corner and blank walls. This is …

Codetalking – Classroom Management by the Numbers (Humor) John P. Wood

By Humorist John P. Wood

Remember that old story about the guys in prison who told the same jokes so many times that they had them all memorized? They numbered the jokes, and one guy …

A Different Route: In Defense of Alternative Certification

By LaToya Arnold

Some boldly claim that alternative certification teachers aren’t trained to be effective teachers because of less experience than traditional teachers. What evidence can be presented that traditional teachers are more …

Research and Information About Open and Distance Learning

By Internet Scout Report

Many experts believe distance learning will constitute a substantial slice of the higher education pie in the near future. Still, comparatively little research has been published on the topic. The …

The Arts in Every Classroom Video Library: Teaching Dance

By Internet Scout Report

Many teachers would love to incorporate dance into their classrooms. But how?

Today Is… Special Days in September

By Ron Victoria

Special days to celebrate and investigate during the month of September!

The “Sci Show” YouTube Channel Ignites Students’ Science Learning

By Internet Scout Report

The Sci Show, an entertaining series of quirky YouTube videos, tackles topics ranging from “How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work” to “Strong Interaction: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics.” Most episodes …

Apple Seeds – Quotes for Teachers

By Barb Stutesman

Plant these seeds of wisdom and inspiration in your newsletters to inspire students and their parents!

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.11 No.9 September 2014

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
How a University Prepares Its Students
Cover Story by Barbara Blackburn
Achievement is More than a Test Score
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