Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Alternatives to Failing Your Students
By Bill Page

Among problems facing every teacher, none is more perplexing, pernicious, and persistent than teaching students who don't, or won't learn. Teachers dread having to give F's; they are humiliating, marginalizing, and devastating to kids. Teachers try their best to avoid failing kids by offering extra opportunities, alternatives, by fudging on grading procedures, and by arbitrary marking. Failing students represents an assault on the teacher's role and self-esteem. No student wants to fail, and no teacher wants students to fail, but they are related routine occurrences and a vicious cycle....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Be Proactive in Your Communications With Parents

By Steve Reifman

Being proactive has two major benefits. First, it gives you the opportunity to package your ideas and articulate them in the best possible light. Acting first, you shape the conversation, …

A Reflection of Me: Why My Students Disrespected Me

By Dré Cleveland

Flashback to Brownsville, Brooklyn, September 13, 2004. It was still a hot day, since summer hadn’t quite left the building. It was also the day I met the 22 fifth …

The Race for Space: Apollo 11 (Written for Students)

By Artie Knapp

President Kennedy challenged us to accomplish a great feat by saying, “We should do this, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

Collaborative Learning: Unlocking a New Era in Education

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Collaboration is playing an increasing role in education. Collaborative projects using technology can naturally encourage students to work as a team, therefore equipping them with essential skills for the workplace.

How To Teach Essay Writing for Self-Directed Progress in High School

By Susan L. Lipson

The author describes a more meaningful way to teach the art of writing within the confines of the essay-based class. The lesson focuses not only on the
product–the essays–but on the …

Book Review: Total Teaching: Your Passion Makes It Happen by Dr. Tom Staszewski

By Teachers.Net News Desk

It is five minutes until the long anticipated bell. You’re wrapping up a very important lesson that is supposed to help your twenty-nine “angels” pass the state proficiency test for …

Learning Climate – Motivation is optimal when coercion is at a minimum

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

In a classroom where the teacher and class have a forced relationship, the student who disrupts the class becomes a hero. The reason is that a coercive climate is an …

To Tell the Truth – When Children Lie

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Lying in children older than a certain age is a concern, but there are techniques that can …

How to Retain New Teachers

By Harry K. & Rosemary Wong

New teachers come into the profession having invested years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars with the vision of making a difference in the lives of young …

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Children With Special Needs – Linda Johnson

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Music therapy is becoming increasingly associated with special education, particularly
with the education of students with severe disabilities.

Music Teachers Release Album for Kids – Teaches Musical Concepts

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Two music teachers have released a new album of songs for children, teaching musical concepts such as harmony, rhythm, and expression in music. Read more about it…

Writing Prompts for September

By James Wayne

What do Mother Teresa, Raquel Welch and the Pledge of Allegiance have in common? They all have roots in September’s fascinating writing prompts!

Apple Seeds – Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

The daily Apple Seed quotes posted By Barb S./ret. on the main chatboard during the month of August. Enjoy!

New Book: Making Art Special – A Curriculum for Special Education Art, Second Edition, by Helen Goren Shafton

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Art is important to the development of all children, but it is particularly valuable to children with disabilities for a number of reasons. When creating art, the child is …

Today is… Special Days in September

By Ron Victoria

September is . . . Self Improvement Month, Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month, International Square Dance Month, Cable TV Month, National Bed Check Month, National Chicken Month, National …

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