Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Harry & Rosemary Wong

Cover Story

The 10 Commonalities of Great Teachers

By J. William Towne

While interviewing some of the best teachers in the country, I was surprised to see certain commonalities or themes pop up time and time again. Though these teachers taught a variety of different subjects in various K-12 grades, as I continued interviewing them, I started seeing commonalities and patterns develop. I began making a list of the ones that appeared most. Could there be specific methods and attributes that, if combined, would essentially create the perfect teacher? Probably not, I thought. But variations of the same ten methods continued to appear in nearly all of the interviews, whether the teacher taught in a major metropolitan city or a small rural town. These common methods were prevalent if the teachers taught kindergarten or high school, math, social studies, gifted students or special education. Most had never spoken to one another, nor did they have much in common in their personal lives, yet the same ten commonalities emerged time and again. It was so obvious, in fact, that I will go out on the limb and say that any teacher who incorporates these methods will, at the very least, become a better teacher. You will probably become your students’ favorite teacher, and once you’ve mastered these skills you will indeed become a great teacher. Here are the ten commonalities….

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From the Teachers.Net Community

The Soil of Learning

By Todd R. Nelson

To be a successful farm or school, we must nurture that which nurtures us—we’re only as good as our soil, after all. Maintaining the soil is as important as the price we get at market for a bushel of our corn. We are not interested in mere short-term production, but in stewardship of the land, developing both orchard and cash crop.

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Kick-off Activities for a Great Start to the New School Year!

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Unique activities to kick off the new school year, tested on real students and shared by teachers in the Teachers.Net Lesson Bank! To start, get out a roll of toilet paper…

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Indoor Classroom Games

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Great activities to enjoy when your students can’t go outdoors, or for active time fillers by classroom and substitute teachers!

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Slow Cooker Recipes from the Teachers.Net Community

By Teachers.Net News Desk

During this busy back-to-school season what teacher has the time and energy to put together great meals after work? Not the teachers we know! So, we offer this collection of slow cooker recipes shared by Melissa on the Recipes Chatboard. Thanks to Melissa, coming home from work won’t mean more work…you’ll be greeted by a meal ready to eat!

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Yelling – There Must Be A Better Way

By Barbara Pressman

This month Barbara provides suggestions for noise control and keeping students on task.

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Powerpoint Pandemic

By Tim Newlin

All across the world students are nodding off in lecture halls, executives are yawning in boardrooms, military personnel are being anesthetized at briefings, and committees are being put to sleep in government offices by infected carriers that are unaware of their condition.

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Landlords and Logarithms

By Lowell Parker, Ph.D.

A real-life story about the usefulness of math in everyday life and why we need to remind students of this more often.

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Observations of a Gradeschool Volunteer

By Lee Goldstein

It is always difficult for me to seek a new volunteering post. I use an electric wheelchair, I’m 77 years old, I was new in this agricultural valley, and my …

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Teachers as Role Models: Hurtful Language and Behavior in the Classroom

By Susan Fitzell

Today, much of our society accepts some of the most hurtful language as acceptable humor… What’s appropriate in the classroom?

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