Harry Wong
Dec 2017
Vol 14 No 4

June is…Full of Special Days

By Ron Victoria

June is…

~Cancer in the Sun Month

~National Dairy Month

~National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

~National Rose Month

~National Safety Month

~Fireworks Safety Month





June 1 is … Dare Day

June 2 is … National Rocky Road Day

June 3 is … Repeat Day (I said “repeat day”)

June 4 is … Old Maid’s Day

June 5 is … Festival of Popular Delusions Day

June 6 is … National Applesauce Cake Day

June 7 is … National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 8 is … Name Your Poison Day

June 9 is … Donald Duck Day

June 10 is … National Yo-Yo Day

June 11 is … National Hug Holiday and King Kamehameha Day

June 12 is … Machine Day

June 13 is … National Juggling Day and Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

June 14 is … Pop Goes the Weasel Day

June 15 is … Smile Power Day

June 16 is … National Hollerin’ Contest Day

June 17 is … Watergate Day and  Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 18 is … International Panic Day

June 19 is … World Sauntering Day and Juneteenth Day

June 20 is … Ice Cream Soda Day

June 21 is … Cuckoo Warning Day

June 22 is … National Chocolate Éclair Day

June 23 is … National Pink Day

June 24 is … Museum Comes to Life Day

June 25 is … Log Cabin Day

June 26 is … National Chocolate Pudding Day

June 27 is … National Columnists Day

June 28 is … Paul Bunyan Day

June 29 is … Camera Day

June 30 is … Meteor Day



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