Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Encouraging Courage - What Courageous Educators Do
By Alfie Kohn

Education research doesn't always get the respect it deserves, but let's be honest: There's already enough of it to help us decide what to do (or stop doing) on many critical issues. Likewise, there are plenty of examples of outstanding classrooms and schools in which that research is being put into practice. What's lacking is sufficient courage for those examples to be widely followed.

It pains me to say this, but professionals in our field often seem content to work within the constraints of traditional policies and accepted assumptions - even when they don't make sense. Conversely, too many educators seem to have lost their capacity to be outraged by outrageous things. Handed foolish and destructive mandates, they respond only by requesting guidance on how to implement them. They fail to ask "Is this really in the best interest of our students?" or to object when the answer to that question is no....

From the Teachers.Net Community

psst…What’s Hiding in Your Curriculum?

By Jennifer Davis Bowman Ed.D.

Do you remember the film “Starman” in which Jeff Bridges plays a being from another planet? There is a scene where he is in the car with the leading lady …

7 Secret Tips To Ace A Multiple Choice Test!

By Susan Fitzell

Help your students ace multiple choice tests with these 7 secret tips.

From the Ivory Tower to the Urban Classroom

By Dave Weiss

My goal was to teach in an urban school system, specifically in a high-poverty area. My fellow students and I were ready to shake up the education world, empower our …

Origami: Learning Through the Folds – Elaine McFarland

By Teachers.Net News Desk

The art of origami involves transforming a flat sheet of paper into a 3-D object. Origami is an opportunity to have fun with your students while creating rigor and novelty. …

Let’s Brainstorm: Skeleton Theme Ideas!

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Please take a moment to post at least one of your favorite skeleton/bone theme lessons, activities, related books, links and ideas in the Comments section below.
To get the ball rolling, …

Apple Seeds – This Month’s Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

Thanks to the daily effort by Bar Stutesman, here’s another month’s worth of Apple Seed quotes to inspire you and and your students!

Why School Administrators Shouldn’t Be Substitute Teachers

By Humorist John P. Wood

Why administrators shouldn’t substitute!

James Joyce Centre Resource

By Internet Scout Report

William Faulkner, surely one of America’s greatest novelists, once called James Joyce “a genius who was electrocuted by the divine fire.” This resource might kindle your interest in what you …

Research Indicates No Relationship between Student Standardized Test Scores and Quality of Teacher Performance

By Stewart Brekke

Recent research has shown that there is little or no correlation between teacher performance and student standardized test scores even with statistical enhancements.

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.11 No.10 October 2014

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Sharing to Succeed
Cover Story by Alfie Kohn
Encouraging Courage - What Courageous Educators Do
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