Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Schooling Beyond Measure
By Alfie Kohn

The reason that standardized test results tend to be so uninformative and misleading is closely related to the reason that these tests are so popular in the first place. That, in turn, is connected to our attraction to - and the trouble with - grades, rubrics, and various practices commended to us as "data-based."

The common denominator? Our culture's worshipful regard for numbers. Roger Jones, a physicist, called it "the heart of our modern idolatry . . . the belief that the quantitative description of things is paramount and even complete in itself...."

From the Teachers.Net Community

Encourage Students to Make “The Choice”

By Steve Reifman

In my eighteen years as an elementary school teacher, I have learned that the number one key to student success involves setting high standards. Typically, parents and teachers are the …

Teaching Methods & Theories – Chatboards Boost Your PLN!

By Teachers.Net Resources

Teaching Methods & Theories is just one of eleven categories of chatboards available on Teachers.Net. Check out the incredible peer support available through these and a hundred more Teachers.Net Chatboards!

2 Quick Daily Routines that Teach

By Karen Cox

Two quick classroom routines we do each morning that take only about 5 minutes, but teach important math and literacy skills.

Monkey Capitalists Trade Currency for Sex, Rob the Bank and Indulge Sweet Tooth

By Tim Newlin

Yale University economist Keith Chen ran an experiment with a cage full of monkeys to see if he could teach them how to use money. His result was so amazing …

Apple Seed Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

09-01: Working people are the foundation of society. Show me that product of human endeavor in the making of which the working person has had no share, and I …

12 Tips to Manage Time and Increase Efficiency in the Classroom!

By Susan Fitzell

1. Keep students on task during activities: Use visual timers during class activities such as think-pair-shares, group work, timed individual assignments, etc. A visual timer is one that enables students …

Writing Prompts for October

By James Wayne

A queen becomes “King.” Miss Pepper weds Mr. Salt. Mary Hays becomes Molly Pitcher. Fascinating facts provide reasons for writing during October!

Calling All Bloggers! Let Us Make You Famous!

By Teachers.Net News Desk

If you blog about issues in education, we’d love to consider your well-written commentary, teaching tips, classroom management ideas, etc. for the spotlight in the next issue of Teachers.Net Gazette.

Today Is… Silly and Special Days in October

By Ron Victoria

October is . . . National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Crime Prevention Month, Family Health Month, Fire Prevention Month, National Aids Awareness Month, And National Family Sexuality Education Month.


October …

Clever Levers – Middle Grade Science Featured Lesson

By Teachers.Net Resources

Key Question: When using a lever with the least amount of effort where should the load and the effort be placed?


1. Discuss key vocabulary and the Law of Conservation of …

Pets in the Classroom Grant Program

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Pets in the Classroom Grant Program Launches ‘Tell a Teacher” and “Sponsor a Teacher” Campaigns. Businesses and individuals now have the opportunity to sponsor specific teachers and schools to receive …

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