Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Turning Children into Data: A Skeptic's Guide to Assessment Programs

By Alfie Kohn

If all the earnest talk about "data" (in the context of educating children) doesn't make you at least a little bit uneasy, it's time to recharge your crap detector. Most assessment systems are based on an outdated behaviorist model that assumes nearly everything can - and should - be quantified. But the more educators allow themselves to be turned into accountants, the more trivial their teaching becomes and the more their assessments miss.....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Today’s Links and Likes!

By Teachers.Net Community

Links and Likes for October! New Links & Likes are added throughout each week, so check back often. OR, sign up for a Teachers.Net mailring and you’ll receive …

October is… Historic and Hysterical Dates this Month

By Ron Victoria

Dates that promote learning and laughs among students and perhaps, in the faculty lounge!

Writing Prompts for October!

By James Wayne

A queen becomes “King.” Miss Pepper weds Mr. Salt. Mary Hays becomes Molly Pitcher. Fascinating facts provide reasons for writing!

A Thousand Words About Spelling

By Bill Page

“Correct spelling is not a matter of logic, sounding out words, being tested regularly,

word walls, word lists, or learning rules. It is simply a matter of attitude and memory.”

Fulbright Teacher Kim McCloud: Blogging from Scotland

Follow along as teacher Kim McCloud lives her dream, immersed in the great adventure of being a Fulbright Teacher working overseas in Scotland, UK. Kim has agreed to blog for …

10 Keys to Educators’ Survival

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

School professionals are often blamed for the ills of society. Yet, there are countless administrators, teachers and counselors who challenge and inspire students to do their best and strive for …

Featured Lesson: Observing a Chemical Reaction in a Bag

By Teachers.Net Community

Students will learn to make careful observations involving chemical reactions.

The World’s Most Famous Drawings

By Tim Newlin

A few of the world’s best known drawings. They communicate so much and are so powerful that they can be worth millions of dollars. How many do you recognize?

Advice for Subs: Can I Use Technology in the Classroom?

By Barbara Pressman

Barbara Pressman, author of Substitute Teaching from A – Z responds to a substitute teacher’s questions realted to learning about and applying new classroom technology.

Wonderings at a Faculty Meeting – LearningLaffs by John Wood

By Humorist John P. Wood

Interesting faculty meeting after school today. Our principal, Jim Lemons, introduced us to a new peer-coaching model that is supposed to be non-evaluative and is designed to help us grow …

Help Children Stay Creative!

By Abby Connors

Young children are naturally creative, but their creativity decreases as they grow older. Read how to capitalize on the most teachable moments to develop children’s creativity.

Dear Old Golden Rule Days: Chapter 4 – Creative Writing

By Janet Farquhar

Peggy leaned on the edge of my desk and fiddling with a pencil. She wondered why I didn’t give out gold stars like Mrs. Day. I told her because I …

Larkin Wyley’s Paleontology Adventure – A Story for Kids

By Artie Knapp

In his latest story for children, Artie Knapp writes about the rewards of hard work and perseverance.

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