Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Our Civility Footprint
By Todd R. Nelson

Being a good citizen these days means striving to reduce our carbon footprint - to walk in a way that reduces our detrimental impact on the planet's biosphere. A "footprint" is a good metaphor for our individual impact on the social or natural environment. It's personal, tactile, organic, and immediately comprehensible. It's elementary. We're bipeds; we all walk and leave tracks. Many an elementary school science class has learned to calculate the size of their family carbon footprint with an online tool - based on heating fuel, car type and annual mileage, electricity use, and other factors.

This is, no doubt, a valuable component of citizenship. But there's another footprint we ought to consider, too - one that has every bit as much to do with the quality of life here in the biosphere as fossil fuel emissions or ozone depletion, if not more. I'm thinking of our "civility footprint." It's not a physical emission, but, just as with our carbon footprint, civility has a huge health effect. In this case, the benefits go up as the size of the footprint increases....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Intervention – Ready or Not, Here I Come!

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Educator’s Guide to Enhancing Children’s Life Skills

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

This self reflection will help you assess yourself as a role model for the life skills you are trying to develop in the children with whom you work.

PISA Test Comparisons Flawed

By Stewart Brekke

Are the PISA test results worth anything? The PISA test results for American students compared to students of other nations and how these comparisons are flawed.

Paleo Art – Fantastic Resource

By Internet Scout Report

This highly educational site from the department of paleontology at the National Museum of Natural History not only showcases beautiful examples of drawings and paintings of all things paleo, but …

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By Internet Scout Report

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Overseas Teacher Recruiting Fair

By Teachers.Net News Desk

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) is pleased to announce the 39th annual UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair. The UNI Fair will be held January 30 –February 1, 2015, in …

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.11 No.11 November 2014

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Retrieving and Carrying Electronic Devices
Cover Story by Todd R. Nelson
Our Civility Footprint
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