Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Failure is the Problem, Not Misbehavior - At-Risk Kids
By Bill Page

Not all kids are ready to learn prescribed curriculum objectives that have been planned for group lessons. Teachers know beforehand units may be inappropriate to many at-risk kids in the class. Teacher options for dealing with class diversity include:1) To follow the required by-the-book procedures, which will usually cause failure of some kids. 2) To use student-centered techniques such as small group instruction which are well-known, but not well-used. 3) To develop hands-on, problem-based, authentic learning, project-based or independent learning class strategies. Or, 4) To use creativity and wiggle room to protect kids from bureaucratic traditional, harmful, demoralizing, unnecessary, and asinine failure policies....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Texting and Children – 12 Tips

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

There are some positives to text messaging. Texting can contribute to a child’s feeling of belonging. Being able to text can help shy children become more outgoing. Texting is a …

New Uses for Resumes: Resumes for Children – 17 Years Old and Under

By Robert Rose

Resumes aren’t just for adults seeking new employment. Creating a resume with students as early as grade one provides many academic and social opportunities. Here are just some ideas, and …

BUSTED: Myths Exposed for New Teachers – Myth #8: Kidz Don’t Need to Spell Korrectly to Communicait Effectively

By Betsy Weigle

Are you cutting the practicing of spelling words due to lack of time? Focusing only on creativity in writing? Giving a pass on poor spelling during math? Time to reconsider …

Mood Disorders – Part 3 of The Selected Mental Health Disorder Overview

By Lisa Bundrick, LMSW. and Alicia Backus, LCSW

How to recognize and work with students who suffer from bipolar disorder and depression.

My Mentor and the Starting Point of School – Remembering Joe Segar

By Todd R. Nelson

I think of Joe every day as I enter my office or visit a classroom, talk on the phone, meet with teachers and parents, watch children at work and play, …

If Teachers Cannot Connect to Themselves, They Will Not Connect With Students!

By Howard Seeman, Ph.D.

Yes, we are losing the “magic” in today’s classrooms, as pointed out by Chuck Brickman in his Teachers.Net article Are We Losing the Magic in Today’s Classrooms?

“The magic in the …

Don’t Fear Physics!

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Be fearful no longer, gentle reader. The Fear of Physics site has over twenty different interactive activities that teach the trepidatiously curious about physics via seesaws, basketball jump shots, a …

International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Created by and for war veterans, this website contains poetry and short stories that are not only written about war veterans, but they are also written by them.

The submissions can …

November Lessons and Resources

By Teachers.Net Community

This month’s highlighted lessons and resources for teachers, by teachers!

The Green Thing – Before People Conserved

By Tim Newlin

In the checkout line at the supermarket an elderly woman asked for a plastic carry bag. The clerk, a 19 year old college student, told the woman that, in future, …

New Children’s Book Extols Importance of School – Iggy Biggy Buggy – One Sunny Day by Stayci Mallozzi

By Teachers.Net News Desk

A sweet fable as well as a playful picture book for pre- and beginning readers, Iggy Biggy Buggy™:One Sunny Day by new children’s author and illustrator Stayci J. Mallozzi is …

Light On A Snowy Day – A Story for Children

By Artie Knapp

A year before that December day an injured baby deer had been abandoned in the woods behind the Dotson’s home. So weak was the little deer, that he hadn’t the …

Apple Seeds Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

Every morning, 365 days a year, Barb S./ret. posts a quote on the Teacher Chatboard. In case you missed …

FREE Instant Printables for PreK-12

By Teachers.Net Community

Teacher-created and FREE! What is better than that?

November is…

By Ron Victoria

November is . . . National Diabetes Month, National Native American Month, Child Safety and Prevention Month, Adoption Awareness Month, Great American Smokeout, and Home Care Month.

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