Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Why Lots of Love (or Motivation) Isn’t Enough
By Alfie Kohn

I get a kick out of spotting invisible threads that connect disparate theories and lines of research. Sometimes I’ll even notice a pattern (after the fact) in my own essays about different topics — which can be gratifying until I realize that the common denominator is embarrassingly simple.

One observation I’ve offered in various contexts is that "how much" tends to matter less than "what kind." That’s something I’ve written about in four very different domains. My only defense against the reply "Well, duh. Who says otherwise?" is: "No one says otherwise, but most of us tend to act as if it weren’t true." Let me explain.

1. Motivation. After I published a thick book about the damaging effects of rewards, I realized that a lot of the research I had cited could be summarized in a few straightforward sentences: Without really thinking about it, we tend to assume...

From the Teachers.Net Community

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.13 No.5 May/June 2016
Cover Story by Alfie Kohn
Why Lots of Love (or Motivation) Isn't Enough
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