Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Shaping the Culture of Your School: Four Tools for Leaders
By Barbara R. Blackburn and Ron Williamson

The culture of a school is a powerful tool for shaping the behavior of those who work there because it reflects the important values and underlying assumptions of that school. Culture is a powerful set of rituals, traditions, and practices that are often transmitted without question from generation to generation. This month we take a look at four tools that can help you encourage a culture of growth in your school.

It is important for leaders and teachers to have a personal vision that can build to a shared vision. The beginning of the school year is a great time to think about vision but it can take place at any time. A Vision Letter is an engaging and motivating way for teachers to share their visions of their classrooms.

Ask teachers to imagine it is the last day of school. This year turned out to be their best year ever, one that far exceeded their expectations....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Walk of Fame – Floor-Bound Milky Way Celebrates Students’ Stellar Performance

By Teachers.Net News Desk

A unique way to highlight student achievement, from the floor to the stars!

Do Teachers Contribute to Students’ End-of-Year-Syndrome?

By Teachers.Net News Desk

What happened?? Students who were focused and productive all year are unmotivated and unproductive. And the kids who were already a challenge all year, WOW! Is it just the season, …

Identification and Support of Homeless Students: A Growing Challenge for School Districts

By Peg Chauncey Cramer

The definition of “homeless” under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act might surprise you. Read about the law and learn how to identify students who qualify as homeless and need special …

Make Your Next Field Day Extraordinary With These Activities

By Teachers.Net Community

Teachers share exciting ideas you can implement in your school’s next Field Day.

We Recommend: George Washington’s Army and Me – History Through Eyes of Nine-Year Old Boy by Michael Dooling

By Teachers.Net News Desk

New Book for young readers: George Washington’s Army and Me, a poignant story about women and children who followed their fathers to war, through the eyes of a …

Teachers on How to Save American Education

By Teachers.Net Community

Let’s imagine a grass roots initiative to truly save American schools were to start– what would it need to succeed? Imagine it had no political pull whatsoever, and wasn’t interested …

Using Puppets to Improve Reading Comprehension

By Abby Connors

Puppets can be used to bring out students’ best, most rigorous thinking!

Writing Prompts for May – Fun, Factual Motivation to Think & Write

By James Wayne

Joseph Addison was born in 1672. He and Sir Richard Steele are credited with the invention of the personal essay in magazines they published. Essays are considered non-fiction, as are …

Today Is…

By Ron Victoria

May is… Older Americans month, National teen pregnancy prevention month, National book month, National mental health month, Asia/Pacific American heritage month, and steelmark month.

Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox

Coming soon!

Like most teachers at this time of year, Karen’s a little bit delayed in gathering this month’s great new ideas to share with you, but they’re coming…

Check back …

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