Harry Wong
Jun 2017
Vol 14 No 2

Harry & Rosemary Wong

Cover Story

Debunking the Case for National Standards
One-Size-Fits-All Mandates and Their Dangers

By Alfie Kohn

I keep thinking it can't get much worse, and then it does. Throughout the 1990s, one state after another adopted prescriptive education standards enforced by frequent standardized testing, often of the high-stakes variety. A top-down, get-tough movement to impose "accountability" - driven more by political than educational considerations - began to squeeze the life out of classrooms, doing the most damage in the poorest areas.

By the time the century ended, many of us thought we had hit bottom - until the floor gave way and we found ourselves in a basement we didn't know existed. I'm referring, of course, to what should have been called the Many Children Left Behind Act, which requires every state to test every student every year, judging students and schools almost exclusively by their scores on those tests, and hurting the schools that need the most help. Ludicrously unrealistic proficiency targets suggest that the law was actually intended to sabotage rather than improve public education.

From the Teachers.Net Community

Are Teachers The Biggest Bullies in School?

By Bill Page

School bullying and recent tragic “Bullycides” have produced a flurry of television shows, news articles, legal actions, accusations, and outrage. But I know of no research or discussions on …

When to Betray a Student’s Confidence – Advice for Substitute Teachers

By Barbara Pressman Last week, a quiet young lady in the class, named Anna, asked me to please read her journal entry. I told her that I felt uncomfortable reading something private, but she insisted. I became alarmed at what I saw. She wrote about how she enjoyed cutting herself, and she described in great detail her nightly ritual of cutting herself in various places on her body....

From the Principal’s Office – Our Mapquests

By Todd R. Nelson

“A road map tells you everything, except how to refold it,” says Ariel. A mind map folds easily, and is easy to unfold and peruse. It preserves the …

Writing Prompts for May – Factual, Fun Motivation to Think & Write

By James Wayne

In 1806, Mary Kies of Connecticut became the first American woman to get a patent in her own name. She invented a way of weaving straw and thread to make …

How to Build Rapport with Parents – Advice for Substitute Teachers

By Barbara Pressman

How do I establish good contact with parents? I never really had to interact with parents the entire time I subbed so I would like to be positive, whether …

Overweight Children – What Educators Can Do

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

With childhood obesity on the rise for both boys and girls, this children’s health problem should be of concern to educators. According to the United States Surgeon General’s report in …

ROSE’S ROCKETTES – The Self-Sustaining Classroom

By Robert Rose

In my second year I had a terrific bunch. There were six gifted children in my sixth grade class who became my teaching assistants. Melinda of the straight A’s was …

5 Web Sites for Busy Educators

By Marjan Glavac

Study Guides and Strategies is a website devoted to improving students’ success in learning. It contains over 267 Guides on practical suggestions, for time and stress management; basic skills in …

The Lipstick Effect

By Tim Newlin

Take a purplish-red seaweed dye, add fine red clay, iron oxide (rust), henna, iodine, and a poisonous alcohol sugar called bromine mannite, then and add a slimy lump of stone-crushed …

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