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Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

5 Great Sites for Busy Educators

By Marjan Glavac

Marjan Glavac is a professional speaker, teacher and co-author of “How To Thrive And Survive In Your Classroom.” Each month he presents
The Busy Educator’s Monthly Five – five websites for educators that are easy to read, simple to use and worthwhile to know. Sign up here for his free monthly Busy Educator Newsletter and immediately download 4 FREE eBooks!



Here are this month’s 5 Site for Busy Educators!


1. Tips For Memorizing Vocabulary And Languages (Teachers, Gr. 3-12)

Arthur Bornstein (Founder, The Bornstein School for Memory Training) gives expert video advice on: What is the best way to learn vocabulary words and definitions?; Can notes around the house help me remember vocabulary?; How can I remember words in other languages? and more…

2. Smart Classroom Management (Teachers, Grades K-12)

Smart Classroom Management is a website dedicated to giving teachers simple and effective strategies for managing any classroom—no matter where the school is located or who is on the roster. The proven solutions to the most common behavior problems are clearly explained and doable for any teacher. Best of all, they can accomplished without yelling, scolding, or becoming stressed-out. Visit the site, sign up for free updates, and be on your way to creating the teaching experience you’ve always wanted.

3. How To Do 11 Techy Things In The Classroom (Teachers, Gr. K-12)

Richard Byrne’s full-time job is US History and Civics high school teacher at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in South Paris, Maine USA. Topics include: Build a Blog or Build a Better Blog, Build a Wiki With Your Students, Build a Website, Create Videos Without Purchasing Any Equpment, Creat Maps To Tell A Story, Try BackChanneling In Your Classroom, Join A Social Network For Your Professional Development, Use An Online Service To Save Your BookMarks, Getting Your Students Searching More Than, Have Your Students Create Podcasts, Eliminate Inbox Overload.

4. Class Travel: Virtual Field Trips & Efield Trips (Teachers, Gr. K-12)

A very informative article on virtual trips. Gives an overview of what they are and useful links to sites and more information. This would be a great activity in those final days of the school year.

5. Mrs. Renz’s Class Mastery Club (Teachers, Gr. 4-8)

2,299 schools world wide are using Class Mastery Club. This is a club for students who are interested in achieving above and beyond the normal classroom expectations.

Detailed questions and answers on how to use Mastery Club can be found at the bottom of the Mastery Club webpage.

Mrs. Renz teaches fourth grade at Tom McCall Elementary School in Redmond, Oregon USA.



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