Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Child's Play: What A High School Teacher Learned From Elementary School Teachers
By Sharon Thomas

The best professional experience that I never liked involved teaching graduate courses for a university in Baltimore. Some people view teaching at the college level as the Holy Grail, and I tried it for several years, but I never felt like I was any good at it. I am so tired at the end of the school day that I never felt “on my game” in those evening classes, and I was happy when an online version made those sessions obsolete. Nevertheless, teaching those classes forever changed the way I teach.

The courses involved teaching reading in the content areas (courses that the state of Maryland requires as part of state teaching licensure), and I was able to teach the classes here in our county so that our teachers didn’t have to drive to Baltimore to get them. Most teachers do not have the chance to hear about other teachers’ experiences outside of our own buildings, but I saw those differing perspectives every week—teachers at all grade levels, in all content areas—sometimes even administrators and system leaders who wanted to maintain their teaching certificates, too.

Because of those teacher-students (and administrator-students) taking those courses, I now have friends in all 29 of our school buildings and in the central office. The breadth of those contacts has given me a breadth in perspective as well. The work that those teacher-students completed for the course involved preparing classroom materials for their real students, all of them, at every level, in each of our buildings. What a gift to have that access to so many instructional methods....

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.3 No.13 March 16
Cover Story by Sharon Thomas
Child's Play: What A High School Teacher Learned From Elementary School Teachers
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