Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Danger Zone! Teachers Face Threats of Broken Bones, Orwell and Autonomy
By Sarah Powley

Here are the most calamitous events of my career:

I broke my wrist one day when I fell from the ceiling (I was hanging a mobile and stepped into air).

A student driver tried to pass me on a county road when I was making a left turn (My car was totaled, but neither of us was hurt).

A student who rushed to the front of the class to ask to use the bathroom threw up on me before she could get the words out (The dress washed).

Two winters ago, a student crunched my car (a different one) while it was parked in the school lot (Actually, he took out two cars when his truck spun on ice).

But until the other day, I'd never been flattened...

From the Teachers.Net Community

Teaching in Finland: Special Classes that are Not “Specials”

By Tim Walker

An American teacher now teaching in Finland, Tim Walker has learned that, In Finland, “specials” are not bonus classes. Exactly half of his students’ classroom hours are made up of …

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication (Or So Says Leonardo da Vinci)

By Colin Hussey

Some of the predicted web trends stated in the recent Merge White Paper and how they can be applied to the classroom.

Dealing with Learned Helplessness

By Barbara Blackburn and Dr. Bradley Witzel

Learned helplessness is a process of conditioning where student seek help from others even when they have mastered information. Instead of running to the rescue of students who can succeed …

Writing Prompts for March

By James Wayne

Exclusive to Teachers.Net Gazette: the most intriguing and motivating writing prompts on the Internet!

What’s Going on in Your State?

By Teachers.Net Resources

What’s happening in your state? Check it out!

Top Tweets for Teachers

By Teachers.Net News Desk

We’re constantly harvesting gems of Twitter wisdom and terrific links to excellent resources packed into 140 characters. Check back often for the latest!

Living Green: A Turtle’s Quest for a Cleaner Planet Published in Jabberblabber

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Living Green – available online and in your bookstore, in time for Earth Day!

Purposefully Disruptive Students in the Classroom

By Stewart Brekke

This article discusses purposefully
disruptive students in the classroom and
how their effect on students’ learning
takes place. The federal government is
always mandating teacher behavior such
as in the No Child Left Behind Act, …

Apple Seeds of Wisdom

By Barb Stutesman

A month of wisdom inside tiny apple seed quotes.

March Is… Full of Special Days

By Ron Victoria

Check out these special days in March, helpful when planning school spirit days, as newsletter filler, or for Faculty Room fun!

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.11 No.3 March 2014

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Teaching New Teachers How to Succeed
Cover Story by Sarah Powley
Danger Zone! Teachers Face Threats of Broken Bones, Orwell and Autonomy
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