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Karen’s PreK Holiday Page: Fine Motor and Art Tasks

By Karen Cox

Fine Motor Fun

Christmas Toothpick Punch

Toothpick punch. CLICK to enlarge.

To do this activity, cut pieces of construction paper (approximately 5×6 inches). Draw a simple Christmas tree shape with a Sharpie (you can use any Christmas shape). I placed a stack of these papers in the fine motor center, along with toothpicks and a carpet square. Children place the paper on the carpet square and use the toothpick to punch holes all along the black lines. When they are done, they can hold their paper up to the light and see the light shining through the holes.

Christmas Sand Art

Sand art. CLICK to enlarge

Using a Sharpie, draw a simple Christmas shape (I used a bell) onto a small piece of white construction paper. Pour glue into a small paint tray or small cup. Put colored art sand in a small bowl. I use inexpensive paint brushes from the dollar store for glue brushes (these usually come in a pack of 12 for $1.00). Children paint the glue onto their shape using the glue brush. Then they pinch the sand with their fingers (this is where the fine motor exercise comes in) and sprinkle it on the glue. You can use a disposable plate with deep sides for children to shake off excess sand.

Christmas Glitter Glue

Glitter glue. CLICK to enlarge.

Draw a star (or another simple Christmas shape) onto a small piece of construction paper. Purchase some inexpensive glitter glue pens at a dollar store. Children use their fine motor muscles to squeeze the glue pens as they decorate their Christmas star.

More Christmas Fine Motor Fun:

Scoop beads. CLICK to enlarge.

Christmas Beads with Melon Scoop

Place Christmas colored beads in bowl along with a melon scoop and a plastic paint tray. These trays can be purchased in craft stores with the paint supplies. Children scoop up colored beads with melon scoop and transfer them to the tiny bowls of the paint tray. Children can sort the beads by color into the bowls.

Stringing Christmas Beads

String beads. CLICK to enlarge.

Provide pipe cleaners and a bowl of Christmas colored beads. Children string the beads onto the pipe cleaner, these can be bent into a spiral or a circle and hung on the classroom Christmas tree or in a window.



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