Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Auto Shop: Way More than Grease Monkeys
By Sarah Powley

"We do our homework in the garage." That's the tag line on my colleague's business card.Auto shop group with car on lift SMALL He's an Automotive Service Instructor, of course, and an ASE Master Technician.

The course Rob Jakes teaches-Automotive Service Technology-is the second in a two-year program that can culminate for high school seniors in acceptance into a vocational college or an immediate job in the local work force. "I have students in the automotive repair departments of dealerships all over town," Mr. Jakes told me, "and some students are already at Subaru-Isuzu." Many of his students attend Lincoln Tech, the University of Northwestern Ohio, and Ivy Tech, to name a few post-secondary schools near our community.

The day I visited his class, Mr. Jakes' students were working on the wheel assembly on a faculty member's car. I watched and took pictures, tried to follow the language when I couldn't get close enough to the action: ball joint, brake pad, piston, fuel injector, torque wrench, axle. The students handled the language and the machinery with ease....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Quiz: Are you a Subjective or Objective Grader?

By Jennifer Davis Bowman Ed.D.

As educators, much of our time is spent assessing student needs. Before we can truly help our students, an understanding of our own learning is key.

Are you ready to see …

Young Children Need These ACTIVE Music Activities!

By Abigail Flesch Connors

“Criss-cross applesauce.” “Fold your legs like a pretzel.” “Hold a bubble in your mouth.” If you’re like most teachers of young children you have various tricks and techniques like these …

5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Common Core Literacy Standards in Social Studies and Science

By Jessica Peckham

Easy ways to incorporate Common Core literacy standards in social studies and science for educators/ teachers to
prepare students for the new curriculum or CCSS standards.

A Visit with Students: An Author’s Story

By Artie Knapp

The teacher who had introduced me asked the students if they had any questions for me. Many hands went up. I pointed to a student sitting close by.
“Are you rich?”

“I …

Essential Earth & Space Science for K-6 Teachers

By Internet Scout Report

This resource is a welcome find for K-6 educators looking to boost their content knowledge in Earth and Space Science. While this site is designed for classroom teachers, the information …

Teaching About Rights in America

By Internet Scout Report

This site from the National Archives is designed to provide educators with primary sources about the struggle for rights in the United States. However, any reader with an interest in …

Make Your Own Maps With UMapper

By Internet Scout Report

UMapper is ideal for educators looking to spice up their lesson plans, bloggers of all kinds, and a wide range of readers with unique roles and interests.

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.12 No.7 July 2015
Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
A Grateful Goodbye After 15 Years
Cover Story by Sarah Powley
Auto Shop: Way More than Grease Monkeys
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