Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Students at Risk - Of What?

By Bill Page

Among the problems facing American public education, probably none is more pervasive, persistent, or pressing than teaching children whose attempts at learning result in failure. Sometimes bearing such labels as "slow learner," "low achiever," "underachiever," "retarded," and most recently, "at risk," but more often overlooked, such children have been a constant presence in American schools. ....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Links & Likes

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Links and Likes for June! New links and likes are added throughout each week, so check back often. …

Myth #4: It’s Possible to “Leave No Child Behind”

By Betsy Weigle

OK…that headline was hard to write. Hard, but necessary. Before you accuse me of abandoning the kids in my class and giving up on closing the achievement gap, let me …

Learning Laffs: Fuddle River Schools Report

By Humorist John P. Wood

The board of Fuddle River Schools met this week to review the proposed new names for the district’s athletic teams and mascot. The current name, “The Fuddle River Ferrets” has …

Tenure: The Right to Due Process – from the Teacher Union Chatboard

By Teachers.Net Community

Often the social issues that you cannot support involve the rights of other union members. For example, many of our conservative teachers were up in arms when our union supported …

Featured Recipe: Marinated Shrimp and Artichoke

By Teachers.Net Community

Shared by Flacka on the Teachers.Net Recipes Chatboard This is light summer meal we like – Marinated Shrimp & Artichoke

Look Out For Pirates!

By Todd R. Nelson

Whose voice are you? Consider the next generation of readers sitting and growing within earshot of our reading voices…

Note Card Activity to Promote Critical Thinking, Comprehension, Synthesis

By Teachers.Net Community

I came up with a project to use note cards (aka index cards) productively. Since so many people are talking about integration of critical thinking, what about a “cause and …

The 8 “L’s” of Parenting

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

LOVE your child. For your child to be successful, he or she must feel valued. Your gentle touches, smiles and hugs communicate love. Giving your undivided attention, especially at the …

Free Materials for Your PreK Classroom – Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox

As teachers, we often do not have a lot of money to spend on materials, yet we can never have enough. The first few months of school are the best …

Apple Seed Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

Here are the daily Apple Seed quotes posted By Barb S./ret. on the main chatboard during the month of June. Enjoy!

Study Says the Best Toy Is…

By Teachers.Net News Desk

University study names toy that “engaged children in almost every type of play behavior that is useful for development: solving problems, pretending, communicating with peers and staying engaged for long …

Network Tools: Otomata, WiFi Photo Transfer

By Teachers.Net News Desk

If you like experimenting with music, you may find this tool is just about the best thing ever. Also, while Transferring and accessing photos remotely can be a bit …

C-SPAN Launches StudentCam Site and $50,000 in Prizes

By Teachers.Net News Desk

…an enriching learning experience for all students involved and 75 cash prizes will be awarded, totaling $50,000, for the winning students and faculty advisors.

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