Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Where the HeART of Teaching Lies
By Sarah Powley

I am an English teacher, but I spend my days drawing triangles and circles: sometimes imperfect ones, but identifiably, these basic geometric shapes.

Once, during college, I created a unit on utopian literature for a hypothetical 12th grade class. I assembled a glorious reading list that chronicled the history of the topic, covered all the major writers, and led my fantasy students to explore related issues in depth. The list was long and comprehensive. But that's all it was. My professor wrote a single sentence at the bottom: What will the students do?

I hadn't a clue. I think they were supposed to learn through osmosis. I wanted them to fall in love, as I had, with the texts and the ideas, but I had no sense of how I would orchestrate that love affair. I just supposed that they would open their books and read-and tumble head over heels into an embrace of what I thought was quite wonderful....

From the Teachers.Net Community

It’s Time to Knock off the Education Conspiracy Theories

By Sharon Thomas

Conspiracy theories are sexy. They are mysterious, complex, and brooding. They make film (and books and television and family reunions) fun. As with Oliver Stone and JFK, however, they rarely …

“Why?” Mental Disequilibrium as a Teaching and Learning Device

By Todd R. Nelson

Immersing kids in real problems to solve, rather than data to absorb or predetermined equations to factor—the good question leads not only to an understanding of facts and information, but …

Be a Lead Learner – From the Principal’s Desk

By Bill Powers

How we communicate, collaborate, critically think/problem solve, and what we model is being viewed by our students each and every day. Our words matter, our Positivity and our Pledge to …

Teaching the Value of Diversity

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Children’s identity and self-respect are related to how others treat them, and ultimately to their future success. Therefore, school personnel need to promote a safe, humane environment where inclusiveness, justice …

Featured Lesson: Map the Monarch Butterfly Migration!

By Teachers.Net Lesson Bank

Following and mapping the migration of the monarch butterfly is a terrific way to engage students in science and geography studies. A flurry of links to additional resources will round …

Wisdom, Tidbits and Provocation… from the Chatboards

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Watch this page grow during January as we harvest from our hundreds of chatboards, some of the most interesting, informative and even controversial messages posted during the month.

Top Tweets for Teachers

By Teachers.Net News Desk

A wealth of information and inspiration in 140 characters each!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lesson Plans

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Lessons that will bring life to your unit about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The US Constitution Annotated – Resource

By Teachers.Net News Desk

This useful site provides one lens of interpretation of the Constitution, based primarily on Supreme Court case law and legal analysis, and will enhance your US History lesson plans.

Help for Teachers Facing Spike in Student Autism Rate – FREE Download

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Free Manual. The Center for Disease Control reported sharp increases in the prevalence of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders —especially for 14-17 year-olds, whose rate has more than doubled …

Apple Seeds Quotes for Educators (December)

By Barb Stutesman

Enjoy again, or for the first time, all of the Apple Seed quote posted during the month of December!

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.11 No.1 January 2014

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Shaping a Solid Foundation
Cover Story by Sarah Powley
Where the HeART of Teaching Lies
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