Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Poor Teaching for Poor Children - in the Name of Reform
By Alfie Kohn

Love them or hate them, the proposals collectively known as "school reform" are mostly top-down policies: divert public money to quasi-private charter schools, pit states against one another in a race for federal education dollars, offer rewards when test scores go up, fire the teachers or close the schools when they don't. Policy makers and the general public have paid much less attention to what happens inside classrooms - the particulars of teaching and learning - especially in low-income neighborhoods. The news here has been discouraging for quite some time, but, in a painfully ironic twist, things seem to be getting worse as a direct result of the "reform" strategies pursued by the Bush administration, then intensified under President Obama, and cheered by corporate executives and journalists.

From the Teachers.Net Community

At-Risk: Multiple Choice Definitions

By Bill Page

Teachers are permitted to flunk kids instead of teaching them; Kids are permitted to flunk subjects instead of learning them.

Shakespeare in the Parlor

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Shakespeare’s works were quite popular within the United States from the time of the early colonies, but the first illustrated version of the bard’s works did not appear until the …

It’s Not the Kids Who Need to Shut Up

By Bill Page

Whether you call it intercourse, conversation, exchange, chat, discussion, interlocution, discourse, communication, or gabbing, it ought to be required in every class.

Spring Concert Ideas

By Teachers.Net Community

Think Spring! Music teachers share ideas for a Spring Concert.

Coaching the Urban Educator – 5 Simple Ways to Teach Positive Self-Talk

By Dré Cleveland

You’ve heard me talk about positive self-talk and how it affects us and our students. The question then becomes, how do I actually teach positive self talk to my …

Winter Theme Activities for Young Students

By Teachers.Net Community

100th Day, Snow, The Mitten, Penguins, Bears, Grounhog! Lots of great ideas to make your winter themes come alive, making them the most exciting and educational ever!

Teaching Literary Analysis

By Chad Donohue

Using the idea that “every novel in every sentence does something important” teachers can teach students how to talk and write about literature in concrete ways.

A Teacher Looks at Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

By Todd R. Nelson

The voices of gossip, teasing, exclusivity or indifference plead constantly in our daily walk with classmates and colleagues around the schoolyard. Why does it grow harder to say “That’s not …

Apple Seeds Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

Every morning, 365 days a year, Barb S./ret. posts a quote on the Teacher Chatboard. In case you missed …

New Book: Safe Spaces: Making Schools and Communities Welcoming to LGBT Youth

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Recent studies find that LGBT youth face bullying at a much higher rate than their straight peersand gender conforming peers, and are at increased risk for suicide. Without support, LGBT …

Printables for PreK-12

By Teachers.Net Community

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Today is… Special Days in January 2012

By Ron Victoria

January is…

National Eye Care Month
National Birth Defect Prevention Month
Volunteer Blood Donor Month
National Hobby Month
National Soup Month
National Hot Tea Month

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