Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

The YouTube Approach to Housekeeping: Lights, Camera, Clean-up
By Todd Nelson

The film genre was born quite by accident. It was a slow clean-up day on aisle two, and I really wasn't thinking beyond an amusing ploy when I said, "Why don't we make a movie of clean-up time?" The result: Instant dharma. Lights, action, camera, whirling dervishes...clean. Chore turns to limelight.

The movie opened with a long, panning shot of the clock on the wall. Ingmar Bergman, would have been proud-a symbol of man's wrestle with eternity, temporality...and elementary school dust bunnies. But what followed looked more like a Three Stooges micro-burst. On the count of three, cleaning mayhem breaks out.

From the Teachers.Net Community

Schools Saving Money with 1:1 Technology

By Mark Pullen

If a tablet computer (which can easily be purchased for less than $300) can eliminate the need for even 1 or 2 textbooks to be purchased, it has almost paid …

Web Tool: Storify – Create Engaging Social Stories

By Teachers.Net News Desk

If you’re looking to create a compelling story using media from different sections of the Web, Storify is worth a look.

Differentiated Instruction – Teachers Offer Help and Resources

By Teachers.Net Community

Teachers on the main chatboard share their favorite books on Differentiated Instruction. Add yours to the Comments section lower on this page.

Black History: The Underground Railroad – Resources

By Marjan Glavac

Southwestern Ontario Canada where I’m writing from was the end point for the Underground Railroad. Just up the highway from me is Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site …

Inquiry Science Lesson: Are Mittens Warm?

By Selina Smith

Submitted by Selina Smith

An inquiry science lesson I did with my 4th graders.

I love to combine science …

Happy Valentine’s Day in History

By Tim Newlin

On February 14th, 20 million women in the USA will send flowers to themselves, hundreds of young couples will be arrested by religious police in Muslim countries while authorities ban …

Art for the Sky – Giant Living Paintings Made of People

By Teachers.Net News Desk

This is a website about the fabulous projects that conceptual artist Daniel Dancer has been producing with the help of field artist Stan Herd, schoolchildren, and the public since the …

Bird Brain? Social, Emotional and Educational Benefits of Connecting with Animals

By Robert Rose

I had a class of the most dysfunctional 4th – 6th grade students in a large minority school considered the worst in the city. These were all violent kids who …

Apple Seeds – Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

Every morning of every day, Barb S. posts on the main Teacher Chatboard, a quote selected especially for the enjoyment of her teaching colleagues. In case you missed January’s “seeds” …

Today is… February’s Special Days

By Ron Victoria

February is…

American Heart Month, African-American History Month, National Snack Food Month, National Children’s Dental Health Month, Library Lover’s Month, and Wild Bird Feeding Month.


Feb. 1 is … Be An Encourager …

Writing Prompt Rubric (Myelination Lesson)

By Sarah Bousquet

Writing Prompt Rubric
(Use following this unit)
Respond to the following prompt in a short-answer format.  Be sure to address every component of the prompt.

How do people …

Bringing Music Into Science

By Katie Lyon

Dynamic activities that integrate science and music for deeper understanding and review of science concepts – in an enjoyable way!

Group Management Keys for Effective Classroom Management. Coaching the Urban Educator

By Teachers.Net News Desk

When leading your class, it is very important to adhere to the following set of “keys.” Each is a necessary step in creating a great experience for your students, …

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