Harry Wong
Dec 2017
Vol 14 No 4

Cover Story

Rigor v. Vigor?

By Todd Nelson

"What's in a word? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Yes, in the abstract. But we also live in imaginary gardens - in a meadow with wild flowers, where dandelions are as good as orchids. Here at ground level, we don't deliberate for long about "reject" and "denounce," but we know the sound of vigor like the crack of bat hitting a line drive past second base....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Post Office Dramatic Play Center – Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox

February with its Valentine’s Day cards and friendship theme is a great time to encourage writing skills by using a post office theme. A photo guide for setting up your …

Classroom Storage Ideas – A Baker’s Dozen!

By Susan Fitzell

Think out of the box to find new and efficient ways to organize your classroom materials.

When Students Play Tricks on the Substitute Teacher

By Barbara Pressman

The author of Substitute Teaching from A to Z offers advice for substitute teachers who face the challenges of students who play when their teacher’s away.

The Rant of the Ancient Mariner: I Would Have Learned if I Could

By Bill Page

The old man had a message for teachers. He dictated it. I recorded it. Then I delivered it for
him. I wish I could reach more teachers to share …

Academic Rigor – Barbara Blackburn

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Rigor is NOT a Four-Letter Word says author Barbara Blackburn about academic rigor.

Short Month, Long on Special Days

By Ron Victoria

February is…

American Heart Month, African-American History Month, National Snack Food Month, National Children’s Dental Health Month, Library Lover’s Month, and Wild Bird Feeding Month and the following special days.

Feb. 1 …

Links & Likes

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Links and Likes for February! New links and likes are added throughout each week, so check back often. OR, sign up for a Teachers.Net mailring and you will receive updates …

Substitute Teaching from A to Z

By Teachers.Net Community

The concept of extrinsic vs. intrinsic rewards is one that has been debated by education experts. Most of us feel that it’s always better when children are self motivated. And …

Lessons: Mitten Math, Hat Glyph, Hibernation, Calendar, more!

By Teachers.Net Community

Featured lesson plans include The Mitten Curriculum Web, Mitten Math, Mitten Glyph, Hibernating Animals (K), Hat Glyph, Winter Making Words Lesson, Penguin Glyph, Compilation of Winter Activities, Marshmallow Fun Day, …

Norman Rockwell Digital Art Collection Now Available Online

By Teachers.Net News Desk

The Norman Rockwell Museum announces online debut of ProjectNORMAN, decade-long digitization project, which includes art, film and audio files – free and accessible online for students, teachers and the general …

Is Your Teaching Voice Too Loud? Here’s Advice

By Teachers.Net Community

One of our regular contributors,  Bill Page, a veteran of more than 50 years in education, fielded a teacher’s question submitted to him in email. We thought his response to …

Printables for PreK – 12 Teachers

By Teachers.Net Resources

Free printables include Ice Cream in a Baggie Recipe, Carol Goodrow’s Kids Running Printables, Guided Reading in Kindergarten, Happy Earth Day decorated song sheet for Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle …

Recipes for the Crock Pot – Beef Stroganoff, Chuck Roast

By Teachers.Net Community

Busy teachers will love these simple but delicious crockpot meals!

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