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US Army Veteran Announces Kickstarter for Crayon Box Designed to Be Accessible to Kids with Manual Dexterity Issues

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Made of polypropylene plastic, the ReadyXO crayon box combines exceptional durability and accessibility with unique marketing ability.


WENTZVILLE, Mo. — Former US Army Captain and lawyer Shannon Challender is taking to Kickstarter to launch the world’s most durable crayon box, the ReadyXO. The sturdy, all-plastic box is a complete rethinking of the humble crayon box, designed to be fun to use and last for years.

The long feature set begins with the secure lid, which locks into place to prevent spills, doubles as a stand and features a single slot on its exterior for easy access to a favorite crayon. It can also be removed and used as a standalone container to facilitate sharing.


The box itself is also designed for accessibility: the bottom of the box features rows that are staggered, so that each row of crayons is easily visible and any single crayon can easily be pulled from the box. They also lean forward slightly to prevent them from coming into contact with the lid when closed, and because the crayons extend well beyond the box opening, each and every crayon is easily accessible even when it’s shortened by regular use.


ReadyXO was designed with two simple concepts in mind: that a crayon box should stay upright for easier access and that it should stand the test of time.

Because of its unique accessibility features, the ReadyXO is the first crayon box designed to be accessible to kids with manual dexterity issues, such as those afflicted by autism, Down Syndrome or cerebral palsy.

Challender conceived of the ReadyXO box after tours as an infantry officer in Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. Afterwards, he went to law school to learn how best to effect permanent change in these impoverished regions. The answer: commerce. When trade flourishes, people tend to lay down their weapons.

The ReadyXO crayon box is a humble but crucial step in getting the wheels of business turning to affect real change in these war-torn countries.

In the same spirit of change, Challender recently partnered with No Crayons Left Behind to allow his Kickstarter backers to purchase and donate a crayon box that will be used to distribute new and gently used crayons to underprivileged kids around the world. Distribution will be facilitated by active duty US military deployed overseas.

The Kickstarter for the ReadyXO will run from August 30 to September 29. Challender hopes to generate enough funding through the campaign to fund a first production run for backers. The long-term vision would include ReadyXO being available for purchase at major retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart and through the company’s own site. That vision will depend on the success of the Kickstarter campaign.


In addition to a target audience of four- to seven-year-olds, the company also plans to capitalize on the tremendous rise of coloring books among adults in the US. According to Nielsen Bookscan, only one million coloring books sold in the US in 2014, but that number swelled to 15 million in 2015.

ReadyXO can also be used as a marketing and branding tool. Because of its unique, patent-pending T-stand design, brand logos can be placed on the lid, and would be visible to anyone who walks by. Any company or event that wants to increase visibility can buy the ReadyXO in bulk, pass it out at any child-friendly event and keep their logo highly visible throughout the event. Examples would include cruise ships and resorts, theme parks, CPAs, Doctors Without Borders and even US advisors stationed overseas.

Further reading: more information about the ReadyXO Kickstarter campaign and the the ReadyXO product website



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