Harry Wong
Dec 2017
Vol 14 No 4

On Teachers Carrying Guns in the Classroom

By Teachers.Net News Desk

An anonymous post from the  main chatboard on Teachers.Net, January 15, 2013:

I am not uncomfortable with our public schools being gun-free zones.
What concerns me about the suggestion of teachers being armed in the classroom is where the gun will be kept. If it’s kept in a locked cabinet, desk, drawer, container, etc., there may or may not be enough time to get the gun out and use it in self defense. If the gun is kept on the teacher’s body, there is the possibility the teacher can be physically over powered by a student or group of students and have the gun taken away from to do who knows what. (Many of these school shootings occur in middle and high school where boys can be taller and physically stronger than their teaches. The majority of public school teachers are female). I honestly do not believe our schools we be significantly more safe by having armed administrators and teachers in the buildings.

The majority of public schools across the country do NOT have bullet proof windows, doors, or walls. The building structures of many public schools, particularly those in states not located in the North East or in cities that are very old, are often designed where access to a classrooms is obtained through more than one door and entrance from the outside rather than the inside. If we really want to make a significant change in the safety of our public schools, then we need to start with how they are designed and built along with implementing pat down/metal detector body checks and personal property checks to each and every person who steps foot onto and off of a public school campus/building. I don’t think these changes and procedures are very realistic given the cost factor, time, and implementation of other resources.

Another point to consider with the idea of arming school administrators, teachers, and staff, is they will be focusing on the requirements in their job, which is not to be on alert for the enemy soldier as is one of the top priority in the jobs of all military personnel.

In addition, school employees are not standing at attention and watching their office/classroom doors for possible intruders or criminals like a security guard is hired to do. School administrators and teachers are focused on running a school and on educating students.

There will always be the possibility of a teacher wearing a gun in a holster on his/her body engaged in teaching or helping students who has his/her back facing the classroom door when the armed gun person enters the classroom and either kills everyone in it, or kills one or a few people in the classroom before s/he is killed by the armed teacher or decides to take his/her own life with their own gun.

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