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Dec 2017
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Clever Ice Breaker for a New School Year

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#3780. Icebreaker for a new year

Games, level: Elementary, Middle, Adult
Posted  by Tina
East Ave Middle, Livermore, Ca, USA
Materials Required: Roll of toilet paper
Activity Time: 20-45 min.

  As the kids enter the classroom, pass around a roll of toilet paper and casually tell them to take as much as they like. Take some yourself. Lots of snickering goes on, after all it’s TOILET PAPER!


When everyone in the class has some, tell them for each square they took they have to tell one fact about themselves. Start by modeling your own introduction by using your squares.


This can get hilarious, depending on how many squares each student took. A great icebreaker for the first day of school!

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[Please read the comment below by Lauri Neaylon-Nunes describing her modification of this activity. Add your ice breaker ideas!]




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