Harry Wong
Dec 2017
Vol 14 No 4

Flipped Classroom Challenges

By Teachers.Net News Desk

“menne” posted the following about challenges to implementing the flipped classroom model.

The flipped classroom is an interesting concept, we are attempting it on a small scale at our school.

Some issues we are running into:

1) Not all households have computers, much less access to the internet or a printer.

2) In many households that do have computers there is only one. This is especially an issue when there are several students in the house or the parents need the computer for their own job.

3) On nights that the students have away games, they do not have access to the internet while at the game or on the bus. This also includes younger brothers and sisters who are taken to the games by their parents.

4) In our rural areas, the dial-up is incredible slow.

5) We can say that kids can stay after school to watch the videos at school, but we have run into more than a few cases where the bus is their only transportation or they are the baby-sitters for younger brothers and sisters so cannot stay.

6) Many of our students have discovered they prefer getting the information first hand from a teacher or a book rather than off of the computer, especially true in the written format. We knew there would be some, but the numbers surprised us. IT surprised the kids also.

7) Another issue for the History type classes, how do you ensure that the students actually viewed the materials the night before? If you have a small class you can monitor it by the discussion the next day, but in class sizes of 25-35, this is not so easy.

8) Several of our most vocal parents on the subjects have be those who limit there children’s computer time to so many minutes a night. They have been very outspoken about this, especially since several of the textbooks in the non-flipped classes went on-line this year also.

Currently with very limited flipped classes, we are able to work through most of these issues. However, if most of the classes in the school were flipped, several of these would become serious issues.  [Read MORE about the Flipped Classroom model: How it works, benefits, pitfalls.]

Please add your comments about the Flipped Classroom below.



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