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22 Quick Facts About The Pearl Harbor Attack – For Teachers and Students

By Teachers.Net News Desk

22 Quick Facts All About The Pearl Harbor Attack
By Bess Taubman,
Author of My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941

1. In just 15 minutes, the main battle line of the U.S. Pacific Fleet was smashed.

2. 1,177 men aboard the USS ARIZONA perished almost instantly when a 1,760 lb. bomb struck the forward ammunition storage area three decks below.

3. On March 27, 1941, Takeo Yoshikawa a spy for the Japanese Naval Intelligence arrived in Honolulu. For the next 8 and a half months he gathered information on U.S. ships and planes.

4. Emperor Hirohito reluctantly gave his approval to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941. He cautioned Japanese Supreme Court Command about the dangers of war with the United States and recommended negotiations first.

5. Japan was determined to destroy the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet and paralyze Pearl Harbor. They believed America stood in its way to obtain the rich abundance of vast and valuable natural resources that existed throughout China and Indonesia. Japan needed these natural resources, primarily oil, which was not available in their own country. Japan could not survive as a great nation without these resources. Therefore, Japan’s foreign policy revolved around the continued acquisition and control of this vital commodity. America stood in its way.

6. TARGET: U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor
32 total vessels were committed for the attack with 432 aircraft aboard.
6 aircraft carriers
2 heavy cruisers
2 light cruisers
11 destroyers
9 oilers
30 I-class submarines
5 midget submarines strapped to the back of 5 “Mother” submarines.

7. The Japanese Strike Force was known was “Kido Butai” and sailed 13 days from Japan through cold, rough winter seas assembling 230 miles north of Oahu, Hawaii.

8. Tora,Tora,Tora (Tiger, Tiger, Tiger) was the pre-arranged Japanese code that alerted the entire Japanese Navy that they had achieved complete surprise and caught the United States completely off-guard.

9. 183 Japanese planes rolled off their decks at 6:00 a.m. led by Commander Fuchida in the 1st wave of the attack and sped towards Pearl Harbor.

10. 167 aircrafts were launched an hour later from their carriers for the second wave.

11. Within 2 hours, American air power in Hawaii was immobilized.

12. Within 15 minutes, Battleships: USS CALIFORNIA, OKLAHOMA, WEST VIRGINIA, NEVADA, ARIZONA, and UTAH were sunk. Battleships MARYLAND, TENNESSEE, PENNSYLVANIA were damaged.

13. 21 vessels of the Pacific Fleet had been sunk or damaged.

14. 75% of the planes on the airfield surrounding Pearl Harbor were damaged or destroyed.

15. “Air Raid Pearl Harbor . . . This Is Not Drill” were the words that resignated throughout Pearl Harbor and the world on December 7, 1941. Hawaii was “deliberately attacked,” losses were grave.

16. Total American casualties killed: 2,388; Wounded: 1,178
Total American planes lost: 169; Total planes damaged: 159

17. The Honolulu Star Bulletin rushed to get the story out about the attack on Pearl Harbor. A record 250,000 copies were printed in three editions — known as “Extras”.

18. December 8, 1941 Congress voted 388-1 for a Declaration of War against Japan. Pacifist Jeannette Rankin from Montana was the only “No” vote against the war.

19.  40 torpedoes were carried into Pearl Harbor on planes and only 36 were dropped. 
25 hit their targets
4 missed
6 dropped incorrectly
2 planes shot down before dropping
1 malfunction
1 reported as lost
1 still unaccounted for

20. When the last Japanese planes had returned to their aircraft carriers, the crippling impact of the surprise attack left nearly 2,400 American military and civilians casualties in its wake.

21. A 3rd wave attack was abandoned. As a result, the fuel storage tanks and shop repair facilities were spared. This proved to be a major blunder of Admiral Nagumo, Commander in Chief of the First Air Fleet, in his plan to neutralize the American Pacific Fleet. Accomplishing this would have added several more years in Pearl Harbor’s recovery.

22. Casualty numbers were secretly kept at a minimum early in the attack so as not to cause alarm to the American people, but also not to reveal this information to the Japanese.

© 2014 Bess Taubman, author of My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941

Author Bio
Bess Taubman, 
author of My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941, combines her unique talents as writer, designer and publisher creating dynamic, educational products about historical subjects. She has been writing about the Pearl Harbor story for over twenty years. Presenting the reader a unique way to learn about complex subjects, Ms. Taubman is helping to reshape the way historical information is introduced with colorful vivid story lines. This is her first book. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and daughter.

For more information please visit, and follow the author on Facebook and Twitter.



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