Harry Wong
Dec 2017
Vol 14 No 4

Have We Childproofed Education?

By Dr. Brad Johnson and Tammy Maxson McElroy

community i.e. classroom, there is less behavior issues and an increase in student achievement.  When these relationships do not exist, students feel disconnected to the school, teacher and peers.  This is when the environment returns to the ‘me’ mentality and behavioral issues arise. Another aspect of developing interpersonal skills requires the students have time to actually interact socially. Unfortunately, opportunities such as recess are distant memories in many school systems.  Why? So we can make more time for testing? However, our childproof education system has created a situation where some states have up to thirty percent of their students who do not even graduate high school.  There are even cities where less than one-third of students actually graduate on time.  Even for those who do graduate, many are not prepared for college and require remedial work. So what do we do? Let’s remove the childproof locks from our educational system, and make learning relevant, engaging, and meaningful.  Let’s give students a sense of belonging in the classroom. Let’s build a sense of community within the schools that focus upon the essential R’s. If schools are truly interested in high student achievement, higher student engagement, and improved interpersonal skills, then let’s restore the wide eye wonder of learning and give them opportunities to be children. Remember they instinctively want to discover and learn, so let’s provide them the opportunity to succeed, not simply on a test, but in life.  Remember the old adage, “Work hard and play hard”.  Let’s do both in the classroom. For more information about the authors or to contact them, please visit



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