Harry Wong
Jun 2017
Vol 14 No 2

Cover Story

The Lesson Under the Hat: Students Have Layers of Stories Under their Everyday Costumes
By Todd R. Nelson

In my fifth year of teaching my middle school class included a boy I’ll call Max. Perhaps you know him? He wore a hat. In fact, Max was known as The Hat. He was inseparable from his leather ten gallon, pheasant-feathered, cowboy hat. He was a pint-sized Pecos Bill right down to his Levis jacket and cowboy boots; a diminutive young man who peered over large aviator glasses and always had his nose in a science fantasy novel. And he always, insistently, obstinately, entrenchedly wore his hat. The hat was so large, it arrived before he did. His stubborn individualism was the source of amusement from teachers and derision from students: this pirate; this obstinate, rebel; this cat in the hat, this Orc. Thank goodness he was all hat and no cattle....

From the Teachers.Net Community

“A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote: A Literary Lesson With Students

By Sarah Powley

In years when I was not running behind by December, when I hadn’t lingered too long on To Kill a Mockingbird or Great Expectations or any other of the books …

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Craft

By Teachers.Net Resources

A simple but unique Christmas holiday craft project children can make in the classroom or at home.

Gingerbread Playdough

By Teachers.Net Resources

This play dough is an easy to make sensory treat that can be enjoyed throughout the gingerbread season.

Cliques and Put-Downs in Elementary Schools

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Both girls and boys form cliques, but girl cliques are usually more covertly hurtful in the way they treat others outside their group. Boys frequently name call and make jokes …

Resurgence of Tracking and Homogenous Grouping

By Susan Fitzell

In some of the research, authors have claimed that including students with low ability in a heterogeneous group perpetrates low self-esteem. I disagree. I have seen, with my own eyes, …

Differentiating Math Instruction

By Teachers.Net Resources

Teachers offer suggestions for a colleague wishing to implement a differentiated learning approach in math.

Science Resource: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – Materials for Teachers

By Teachers.Net News Desk

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has created a website that brings together a range of educational materials for teachers.

Free Online Courses – Many Topics, Many Fields

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Satisfy your intellectual curiosity with any of hundreds of free online courses.

Top Tweets for Teachers

By Teachers.Net News Desk

All month we’ll be adding interesting Tweets posted by teachers, for teachers on Twitter. Tweets will contain wisdom, tips, apps and great links, so check back often during the month! …

Metazen: Online Journal of “Odd” Short Fiction, Poems Expands Daily

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Metazen is an online journal from Canada that publishes short fiction and poetry by various authors and claims to “like odd stories and odd poems, but ones that touch you …

Developing Rapport in the Online Classroom

By Haylee Massaro

Online education is sweeping the nation, and it is becoming increasingly common for students to have some experience in the virtual classroom setting. Building rapport with students in a virtual …

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.10 No.12 December 2013

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Shaping a Solid Foundation
Cover Story by Todd R. Nelson
The Lesson Under the Hat: Students Have Layers of Stories Under their Everyday Costumes
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