Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

If You're Gonna Be a Camel, Ya Gotta Have a Hump; But, Nobody Says You've Gotta Be a Camel
By Bill Page

I felt competent to teach. I was confident I could teach better than those boorish teachers I'd had in my own schooling. I was 27 years old, a Korean War vet, weighed an energetic 270 pounds, and couldn't imagine anything but success. Wow! Was I wrong! I was a failure - but not in classroom management where new teachers typically fail; I failed in the very essence of my job: My teaching didn't get through to kids' heads!

From the Teachers.Net Community

12 Ways to Ensure an Effective Lecture

By Susan Fitzell

Even the best teachers have a hard time holding the attention of their students when the class consists solely of lecture. Consider the following ideas to help you make …

Learning the Value of Diversity

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Children’s identity and self-respect are related to how others treat them, and ultimately to their future success. Therefore, school personnel need to promote a safe, humane environment where inclusiveness, justice …

Work Refusers: Remedies That Work

By Ruth Herman Wells

Every teacher, every counselor, every social worker, every principal knows students who won’t do their school work. Some of these work refusers often fail to show up. When they do …

Let’s Get Our Priorities in Order

By Anita Swigart

Teachers are spending time enforcing dress codes when they could be using their time teaching.

Polar Express Theme Lessons, Activities

By Teachers.Net Community

All aboard! for some terrific ideas you can use to accompany this classic story!

Light On A Snowy Day – A Story for Children

By Artie Knapp

Full text of a touching holiday story for children.

5 Web Sites for Busy Educators

By Marjan Glavac

This month’s stellar collection of web sites selected especially for educators.

Lost Libyan Cities Discovered After Gadhafi – New Archaeological Discovery Attracts International Attention (Resources)

By Teachers.Net News Desk

An ancient lost kingdom buried in the deserts of Libya will be explored by British archaeologists following the fall of Colonel Gaddafi.

Christmas Dreams – Original Song by Tim Newlin

By Tim Newlin

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Learning Centers with a Christmas Theme – Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox

Your students will enjoy these ideas for Christmas Centers, most of which are adaptable to non-holiday themes.

If Teachers Can’t Connect to Themselves, They Won’t Connect With Students!

By Howard Seeman, Ph.D.

Yes, we are losing the “magic” in today’s classrooms.

Draw a Winter Snowfall

By Tim Newlin

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How To Draw Christmas Snowfall – Video
A simple two minute …

Printables Created by PreK-12 Teachers – FREE

By Teachers.Net Community

Visit for clickable links to all FREE printables on Teachers.Net!

CancerQuest: Cancer Education Curriculum

By Teachers.Net News Desk

CancerQuest: Cancer Education Curriculum

The Cancer Education Curriculum section of the CancerQuest website provides complete curricular …

Characteristics of a Truly Great Principal

By Teachers.Net Community

A good principal takes care of his business. Among these duties includes taking as good of care with his faculty’s needs as the students’ needs.

A bad principal is the one …

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