Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

Are We Preparing Students For Our Past... Or Their Future?

By Mitch Ward

"Are we preparing students for our past or their future?" Our assistant principal emailed this quote to me while she was listening to a presentation at a conference. It took me right back to my ancient past of about 20 years ago. I had just started a software training business. The bread and butter of software training in those days was WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3. I was a successful trainer because I provided every detail of every step of every operation my clients needed to use these programs in their businesses. Each lesson also included a cheat sheet with all the steps faithfully recorded. The clients loved this. They did not have to think or understand, just faithfully follow the directions.....

From the Teachers.Net Community

The Time and Place for Play

By Todd R. Nelson

It’s no secret that the multi-billion dollar toy-entertainment-industrial complex is in hot pursuit of our childrens’ attention and energy—to say nothing of our money—by dreaming up new playthings. It’s not …

Social & Emotional Enrichment Activities for Children

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Schools have an opportunity to enhance children’s social and emotional growth, as well as their academic knowledge. These activities foster self-understanding, positive peer interaction, initiative, and learning.

At-Risk Kids: Society’s Outcasts

By Bill Page

Every class is its own society with all members striving for acceptance and belonging.

Featured Lessons: Holidays, Crafts, Traditions, Centers, Literature, Music, Writing

By Teachers.Net Resources

Some of the best December lessons from the searchable Lesson Bank, presenting fascinating activities and resources – shared by teachers like you!

Performance Review – LearningLaffs

By Humorist John P. Wood

I was called into my principal’s office for another of his “reviews” of my work again last week. “I noticed you logged on later than usual yesterday,” he told me, …

Candles of Inspiration – Real Experiences of Real Teachers

By Teachers.Net Community

In “Candles,” teachers share real life experiences that inspire and encourage.

Are We Losing the Magic in Today’s Classrooms?

By Chuck Brickman

Packaged curriculum and narrow curriculum have a negative effect on highly motivated teachers, essentially “chilling” the characteristics that in many cases, they were hired for. Are we seeking motivated, creative, …

Featured Lesson: Compare, Contrast Using Holocaust “Night” by Elie Weisel

By Teachers.Net Community

Comparing and contrasting Holocaust literature with a focus on the novel, Night by Elie Wiesel and the movie, Life is Beautiful.

Murals DC Project Replaces Illegal Graffiti with Artistic Works

By Tim Newlin

The Murals DC project started by Jim Graham, a Washington DC City Council Member, uses known DC graffiti artists to mentor and train young taggers, instilling a sense of community …

Apple Seeds – Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

Every morning Barb/MI posts an inspiring or thought-provoking quotation selected especially for educators, referred to as an “Apple Seed,” on the main chatboard. The “Apple Seeds” she posted during last …

Today’s Links & Likes

By Teachers.Net Community

Links and Likes ! New Links and Likes added throughout each week, so check back often. …

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