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Changing the Technology Culture in the High School

By Todd Bloomer • Sep 1st, 2013
The last frontier that seems to resist technology is education. We force students to sit in classrooms and listen as teachers dispense information for50 minutes. Some schools discourage the use of phones within their buildings. Other schools still believe using technology can only occur when they take students to the computer lab. If students learn differently today, it’s our job as educators to change how we deliver instruction. How do we do that?

Reflecting Upon the Sandy Hook Shooting and the Leaders of Tomorrow – A Day in the Life of an Assistant Principal

By Todd Bloomer • Jan 1st, 2013
As an assistant principal of a large high school in San Antonio, Texas, the recent events in Connecticut have hit close to home. So much has been written about the tragedy. I thought about writing a piece about safety concerns, but what do I know? Instead, I decided to write a reflection about the goodness and generosity of the students that will be our leaders of tomorrow. It is this group that will carry on the memory of the students, teachers, and staff members of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Administrative Decision-Making and the 98/2 Rule

By Todd Bloomer • Dec 27th, 2012

The 98/2 rule

I joined a cohort of administrators to network within San Antonio. We meet monthly at a local university. Various professors, superintendents, and principals offer key insight and lectures about their jobs and what we need to do …

Bloomer’s Blog – Days in the Life of Assistant Principal Todd Bloomer

By Todd Bloomer • Sep 1st, 2012
Do you ever feel like you are swimming up-stream in your profession? Mandates and standardized testing have made our business very difficult to navigate. Road blocks are everywhere these days. Now, almost 13 years into the 21st century, we are talking about how to teach the 21st century student and still have not fully embracing how technology can assist us in this journey.

Bloomer’s Blog – Days in the Life of An Assistant Principal by Todd Bloomer

By Todd Bloomer • Jul 1st, 2012

Exclusive to Teachers.Net Gazette:

Bloomer’s Blog

Insight, advice, and stories from the life of an Assistant Principal

Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to highlight what skills are necessary to be a successful assistant …

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