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Centering: The Perfect Metaphor for the Interaction of Student, Teacher, Time, Materials

By Teachers.Net Community • Oct 1st, 2014

Oops!  Please click here to access Todd Nelson’s article, Centering: The Perfect Metaphor for the Interaction of Student, Teacher, Time, Materials .

Missing Recess For Extra Help Is Problematic… What’s the Alternative?

By Teachers.Net Community • Oct 1st, 2014
Philosophically, I agree that missing recess for extra help with academics is not a great thing. But how do we solve this? Let's face it, there aren't times when kids are basically sitting around doing nothing to use instead. What DO we do?

School Field Day Activities

By Teachers.Net Community • Jun 7th, 2014


Contributed by Joe Russo
Physical Education Teacher
Aviano Elementary School

Four Square
Ways to play:

  1. Bounce it, hit it under hand into the opponent’s square.
  2. Use your foot to kick it into the opponent’s square
  3. Use both hands

Retiring Teachers List “What I Won’t Miss About Teaching”

By Teachers.Net Community • Jun 1st, 2014
Things I won't miss: Disrespectful, spoiled kids; Teaching; Lesson plans; Lesson prep; Observations/evaluations; Early duty; Basketball/baseball gate; Grading papers; Countless hours of Unpaid/unappreciated overtime; Worthless inservice; Being forced to present a worthless inservice; PLC meetings; 20 minute lunches; IEP modifications; Sponsor duties; Handling discipline issues; Wishing for a snow day and being disappointed; Covering for absent teachers during my planning time; Prep for sick leave; Dreading the first day of school in the fall...

Which World Language is Most Efficient?

By Teachers.Net Community • Jan 12th, 2014

-languagesThe chatboards are the source of an impressive collection of our readers’ knowledge and expertise. Following is an example of the interesting information that flows through Teachers.Net chatboards, this one from the main (general topics) chatboard during January. Join in …

Middle School Teachers on Using Word Banks on Tests

By Teachers.Net Community • Jan 1st, 2014
Topic: Using word banks on tests. Please add your input in the Comments section following these posts.

RIP Magoo aka “The Mouth That Roared!”

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Nov 14th, 2013

We chose this post by “Magoo” from 2003 because it reveals much about the special woman many of us in the  Teachers.Net community knew, and why we  loved her.  Magoo, we shall hoist your trademark snickerdoodles and enjoy their power …

Teachers Share “What I’m Reading Now” – Great Fiction

By Teachers.Net Community • Nov 1st, 2013
Need a recommendation for a recreational reading list? Teachers posted about the novels they're currently enjoying, so get ready to curl up with some of these great reads!

How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner – Kindergarten Style

By Teachers.Net Community • Nov 1st, 2013
Leave it to 5 year olds to streamline the process of preparing Thanksgiving dinner!

22 Take Home Literature Bag Ideas for K – 2

By Teachers.Net Community • Nov 1st, 2013
Teacher Paulie posted these ideas for easy to make take-home Literature Bags. She lists a book or other piece of literature then materials and activities children can do at home to extend and enhance learning.

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.10 No.11 November 2013

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