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Mizletts’ 3-D Snowflake (craft)

By Teachers.Net Community • Feb 12th, 2016

This is one of our most requested craft project ideas ever: the 3D Snowflake cut-out project, contributed by long-time T-Netter who calls herself Mizletts. Here’s how to create a beautiful paper snowflake to hang in your classroom or …

Setting up a Classroom

By Teachers.Net Community • Aug 10th, 2015


Is this anything like what you’ve faced before the start of school? How much work is it to set up your classroom after summer break, or after a move?

What a mess! This is what some teachers faced …

Unplanned Parenthood at 65 by Ed Mashburn

By Teachers.Net Community • Jul 2nd, 2015

Now with PHOTOS – Updated with latest developments!

Good evening to all.

A few days ago, we had a very strong squall line blow through- limbs came down, heavy rain, typical summertime weather on the Gulf Coast. …

Managing an Out of Control Class

By Teachers.Net Community • Jan 1st, 2015
Teachers offer peer support when a newly assigned teacher posts a plea for help with a class that is "absolutely out of control. Please help!"

Etiquette and Student Gifts to Teachers – Chatboard Support

By Teachers.Net Community • Jan 1st, 2015
When a new teacher needs help and support, one of the best and first places they turn is to a chatboard on Teachers.Net. Since 1996, teachers have found Teachers.Net the source of quick, candid and insightful advice.

TEDx Talk – AWE Inspired Science

By Teachers.Net Community • Jan 1st, 2015
A member of a Teachers.Net mailring invites you to view her TED talk video. This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. A whirling dervish of energy and fervor, Janet Ivey is an educator who delivers a passionate invitation for educators and students to dance, sing, rap and act their science lessons in what she calls AWE Inspired Science where ART, Wonder and the Experiential become the portal for scientific engagement and scientific assimilation.

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance – Sage Advice from Veteran Teachers

By Teachers.Net Community • Jan 1st, 2015
Veteran teachers counsel a newer teacher on how manage her time so that the job does not take over the enjoyment of life.

Moccasins You DON’T Want to Walk In – Race and the Insidious Bias of “American Exceptionalism”

By Teachers.Net Community • Dec 1st, 2014
The General Interest Chatboard at Teachers.Net was dominated by discussions about recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, where a grand jury did not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown. Teachers posted in long threads about the case and racial matters in the United States. This is just a brief sample of the many posts. We invite you to join this thread of the discussion.

PEMDAS: Effective Math Tool or Inaccurate Memory Trick?

By Teachers.Net Community • Dec 1st, 2014
While PEMDAS may get kids through a grade successfully, it doesn't provide rigor nor depth of knowledge nor understanding. And a year or two later many (most?) of them will have forgotten the left to right. Because there was no understanding. We need to understand that we are building a foundation, not just trying to get the kid through this year. PEMDAS is the embodiment of trick-based learning - not a good thing.

Turkey Chili Recipe from Teachers.Net Recipes Chatboard

By Teachers.Net Community • Nov 1st, 2014
A tantalizing turkey chili recipe from the Teachers.Net Recipe board!

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