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2 Quick Daily Routines that Teach

By Karen Cox • Oct 1st, 2012
Two quick classroom routines we do each morning that take only about 5 minutes, but teach important math and literacy skills.

Karen’s PreK Page for September

By Karen Cox • Sep 1st, 2012
Check out Karen’s past posts, full of great ideas, lessons and activities for your early childhood program!

20 Back to School Tips for Pre-K Teachers by Karen Cox

By Karen Cox • Aug 1st, 2012
Karen's tips will help you and your students glide through the first days of back to school!

Sand Art Seahorses – Without the Mess!

By Karen Cox • Jun 2nd, 2012
Sand art is a fun art medium for Pre-K children. Here's a simple way to do it with less mess.

Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox • Apr 30th, 2012

Coming soon!

Like most teachers at this time of year, Karen’s a little bit delayed in gathering this month’s great new ideas to share with you, but they’re coming…

Check back later for this month’s page by Karen Cox of …

Spring Plant Theme Activities – Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox • Apr 1st, 2012

Click images for larger view.


1. Seed Sorting

Draw dividing lines on a piece of construction paper and provide children with a mixture of four types of seeds or dried beans.

Children will sort the seeds and glue them …

Make St. Patrick’s Day Parade Shakers! Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox • Mar 1st, 2012
Make music with this St. Patrick's Day craft for pre-k through primary.

Valentine Theme Math and Poetry Activities – Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox • Feb 1st, 2012
These Valentine and heart themed activities will enhance learning and win the hearts of young students.

Snow Theme Activities by Karen Cox

By Karen Cox • Jan 1st, 2012
Place two English muffin halves on a plate, one above the other, like a snowman. Spread cream cheese or white cake icing on the muffins. Add M&M candies or raisins for the eyes and mouth. Add a baby carrot for the nose. Add a piece of a fruit leather strip (fruit roll-up) for the scarf.

Learning Centers with a Christmas Theme – Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox • Dec 1st, 2011
Your students will enjoy these ideas for Christmas Centers, most of which are adaptable to non-holiday themes.

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