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Much education today is…

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 9th, 2012

Thought for the day:

Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.

~John W. Gardner…

Obstacle House!™ by Brains and Brawn – A Product Review

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 1st, 2012
I am always looking for new ideas for children to learn and have fun. I believe that I found BOTH options in a new product, called Obstacle House. Obstacle House’s target audience is preschool-aged children, ages 3 -6, who are in the midst of developing coordination and agility. However, after recently seeing this product in action I believe it is so much more!

Apple Seeds – Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman • Sep 1st, 2012
The daily Apple Seed quotes posted By Barb S./ret. on the main chatboard during the month of August. Enjoy!

History Through Picture Books – School Visits by Michael Dooling

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 1st, 2012
Michael’s school visit takes you through the whole process of illustrating a picture book. He, and his wife Jane, arrive at 8am. He performs multiple 45 minute assemblies, has lunch with students/teachers, and signs books. The program is for all grades (K-8) as each assembly is tailored to the age group that he is speaking to and includes a costume intro, a 15 minute slide show, a 15 minute painting demo, and a question/answer period.Michael is dressed in a colonial costume and goes on to explain how he, and family and friends pose in costume for various characters in his books. “Everyday at my house is like Halloween,” Michael says.

Today is… Special Days in September

By Ron Victoria • Sep 1st, 2012
September is . . . Self Improvement Month, Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month, International Square Dance Month, Cable TV Month, National Bed Check Month, National Chicken Month, National Courtesy Month, National Honey Month, National Mind Mapping Month, National Piano Month, National Rice Month, National Papaya Month, and Classical Music Month.

Featured Lesson: The Election of 1824

By Teachers.Net Community • Sep 1st, 2012
In time for the U.S. Election Season! An activity involving the election of 1824, which was called the "corrupt bargain." For grades 8 - 10.

A Reflection of Me: Why My Students Disrespected Me

By Dré Cleveland • Sep 1st, 2012
Flashback to Brownsville, Brooklyn, September 13, 2004. It was still a hot day, since summer hadn’t quite left the building. It was also the day I met the 22 fifth graders that would change the way I looked at myself—and teaching—forever... I was ready with my stern face, furrowed brows, and no-nonsense demeanor. I had been warned about these kids...

Collaborative Learning: Unlocking a New Era in Education

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 1st, 2012
Collaboration is playing an increasing role in education. Collaborative projects using technology can naturally encourage students to work as a team, therefore equipping them with essential skills for the workplace.

Music Teachers Release Album for Kids – Teaches Musical Concepts

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 1st, 2012
Two music teachers have released a new album of songs for children, teaching musical concepts such as harmony, rhythm, and expression in music. Read more about it...

Be Proactive in Your Communications With Parents

By Steve Reifman • Sep 1st, 2012
Being proactive has two major benefits. First, it gives you the opportunity to package your ideas and articulate them in the best possible light. Acting first, you shape the conversation, saying your ideas in the way you want to say them, not in the way someone else has already characterized them before ever having the chance to hear from you. Proactivity increases your credibility, strengthens your voice, and reaffirms your position of leadership. Second, proactivity is the best approach to problem prevention. Consider the following example:

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