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5 Web Sites for Busy Educators

By Marjan Glavac • Nov 9th, 2011
5 of the best web sites Marjan found for YOU this month!


By Teachers.Net News Desk • Nov 7th, 2011

Darla feels her quotes taken out of context don’t communicate her message fully.  In the interest of presenting an accurate representation of Darla’s comments, here are Darla’s two posts from which the quoted material on the previous page was copied …

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Nov 6th, 2011


Bill Page on “Should HS AP Teachers Be Paid More Than Kindergarten Teachers?”

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Nov 6th, 2011

Bill Page reacts to the original posts on this topic.

Hi, this is Bill Page

 I have taught first grade (our school didn’t offer kindergarten), college and all in between for more years than many teachers have been alive.  …

Should High School Teachers be Paid More than Kindergarten Teachers?

By Teachers.Net Community • Nov 5th, 2011

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Add your comments in the comments section following the article.

Darla posted:

I’d like to see those teachers who spend more time on actual subject area teaching get more pay than, say, a Kindergarten teacher. …

New Uses for Resumes: Resumes for Children – 17 Years Old and Under

By Robert Rose • Nov 1st, 2011
Resumes aren't just for adults seeking new employment. Creating a resume with students as early as grade one provides many academic and social opportunities. Here are just some ideas, and we encourage you to add yours to the comments section following the article.

My Mentor and the Starting Point of School – Remembering Joe Segar

By Todd R. Nelson • Nov 1st, 2011
I think of Joe every day as I enter my office or visit a classroom, talk on the phone, meet with teachers and parents, watch children at work and play, and think about what schools should mean in a fast-paced evolution that often feels like a collision with unfamiliar demands and opportunities.

The Real Rosie the Riveters – Oral & Video History

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Nov 1st, 2011
There were hundreds of thousands of women who worked in American defense plants during WWII, and their real stories are fascinating.

New Children’s Book Extols Importance of School – Iggy Biggy Buggy – One Sunny Day by Stayci Mallozzi

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Nov 1st, 2011
A sweet fable as well as a playful picture book for pre- and beginning readers, Iggy Biggy Buggy™:One Sunny Day by new children’s author and illustrator Stayci J. Mallozzi is a winning tale about a charismatic caterpillar who learns that missing school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that learning alongside his classmate friends is not to be missed.

Don’t Fear Physics!

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Nov 1st, 2011
Be fearful no longer, gentle reader. The Fear of Physics site has over twenty different interactive activities that teach the trepidatiously curious about physics via seesaws, basketball jump shots, a spinning wheel, and swinging pendulums.

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