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A Succinct Case for Tenure

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Mar 26th, 2015

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From the General Interest Chatboard:

A teacher wrote:

If a teacher should become [ineffective] after a while, he or she CAN be fired — it’s just that the administration must go through appropriate steps …

Sanitizing Classroom Toys – Preschool and Beyond

By Cheryl Hatch • Mar 1st, 2015
Sanitizing preschool toys is important...and it is different than cleaning or disinfecting toys. Know the difference and reduce the risk of flu and illness in your program. Here's what's crucial for you to know for avoiding the spread of germs and disease among young children in group settings.

Teaching Is…

By Bill Page • Mar 1st, 2015
I had never attempted previously to define teaching. Why should I concern myself with the definition, after all, everybody knows what teaching is? But, somehow it bothered me that I had not previously attempted to define teaching. As I reflected on my beliefs about teaching; as I analyzed, considered, examined, and pondered, I came up with the following, "Teaching is...." comments. And, since I could not separate teaching from learning, I have also came up with "Learning is...." thoughts.

Apple Seeds Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman • Mar 1st, 2015
All the quotes you might have missed during February, preserved here for you!

Second Grade Island – Where Children Are Allowed To Inhabit Their School And Learning

By Todd R. Nelson • Mar 1st, 2015
When children are allowed to truly inhabit their school and learning; when they are given permission to become a tribe, create a language, explore exotic climes, cultures, and critters; when their natural curiosity and authority is enabled; anything is possible. If only Second Grade Island were just down the hall in every school. But I fear it is off of the standard charts and lost to all but the bravest, most adventurous explorers.

How to Differentiate the Leadership of Teachers

By Christopher M. Longo, Ed.D • Mar 1st, 2015
I have reflected on my practice of differentiating feedback. Historically, administrators have been trained to give feedback that was descriptive in nature. The question that arises is, “How do you provide feedback that is reflective in nature to a teacher who is novice?” Why don’t we practice what we preach and differentiate for our teachers? I have differentiated for my students. I have differentiated for my athletes that I coached. I have differentiated for my staff when delivering professional development. It is time to differentiate feedback for teachers, so that they will become stronger reflective practitioners, ultimately benefiting our students.

Expect the B-E-S-T for Your Struggling Learners

By Barbara Blackburn • Mar 1st, 2015
Clearly, we should have high expectations for all students. However, I want to spend a few moments discussing those students who need extra attention from you related to this area.

Top 8 Mistakes That Doom Effective Lecture Delivery

By Susan Fitzell • Mar 1st, 2015
If you are going to direct teach, sometimes still referred to as lecture, one of the best ways to do it well is to identify the mistakes made during ineffective lectures and steer clear of them. Here is a list of the top eight mistakes that can keep you from presenting an effective lecture.

Civil War Ballooning

By Internet Scout Report • Mar 1st, 2015
Few people realize that President Abraham Lincoln convened an air force during the civil war.

Illinois Teachers Sought for Study: Information Literacy in High Schools

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Mar 1st, 2015
Researchers at the Ronald Williams Library in Northeastern Illinois University are surveying teachers, library media specialists, and technology coordinators at Illinois high schools to understand the resources available for information literacy education.

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.12 No.3 March 2015
Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Teacher Effectiveness and Human Capital
Cover Story by Dede Rittman
Teachers, Keep Your Eye On What Your Work Is
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