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Preschool Teachers 3/28/11 Chat Transcript

By Teachers.Net Community • Mar 31st, 2011

Cheryl/NH – logged on.
Cheryl/NH – Hi everyone! Welcome to the Tuesday night Preschool teachers chat! Say hi when you get here!
Jenny/ID – logged on.
Jenny/ID – Hello Cheryl.
Cheryl/NH – Hi Jenny!
Cheryl/NH – How was

Lesson for Teachers: Why Elephants Protect Each Others’ Calves or What Loss of Union Representation Can Mean

By Teachers.Net Community • Mar 9th, 2011
Good luck to you; after all, dog food is cheap. And if the equivalent of $5 a day is adequate in Bangladesh, it should be adequate in Milwaukee.

Teaching the Difference Between Tattling and Reporting

By Susan Fitzell • Mar 1st, 2011
Student learning time increases when children understand the difference between tattling and reporting. Yet, children's observations can help teachers know what is happening when they are not present or when their attention is elsewhere. Allowing students an opportunity to share their serious concerns is a necessary component of a positive school environment.

Great Quotes About Teaching: Motivation and Humor

By Alan Haskvitz • Mar 1st, 2011
There are easily as many good teacher quotes as there are educators, and that’s as it should be as every instructor creates their own legacy. Compiled here are some of the best quotes that provide both inspiration and insight into what has always been a demanding job.

28 Tips: Educator`s Guide to Active Listening

By Leah Davies, M.Ed. • Mar 1st, 2011
When children sense that they are an accepted part of a school community, they are more motivated to learn. How to help students feel valued and connected to the adults in their school, and enhance mutual understanding.

Retirement in Twilight Zone + 4 More Sites for Busy Teachers

By Marjan Glavac • Mar 1st, 2011
Professor Ellis Fowler is a teacher who has taught for 51 years. The board of trustees has sent him a letter of retirement. He contemplates his teaching career and comes to the conclusion that everything he has taught was a waste. That is, until he enters "The Twilight Zone".

Codetalking – Classroom Management by the Numbers

By Humorist John P. Wood • Mar 1st, 2011
I say the same things to my students so many times on any given day that they know exactly what I am going to say before the first syllable is out of my mouth. So why even bother with the whole statement? Why not save my breath?

Tiger Mother, David Brooks, Mud and Snow

By Todd R. Nelson • Mar 1st, 2011
Mud and snow cannot be enjoyed alone. They invite collaboration and group problem solving. Witness any number of gatherings among our forest-verge tribes during outdoor time: they huddle around a bucket, or apply mud plasters to sticks and branches, or stir murky puddles in the ground. Ingredients are added, techniques discussed and compared, elaborate prescriptions and narratives adhered to the soup or potion at hand. There is always a cohort around mud. It’s hard work, a life-long study, getting mud just right.

Advice for Subs: How to Keep Students Quiet and Listening

By Barbara Pressman • Mar 1st, 2011
How to get students to remain quiet long enough for the Sub to give directions.

SlimeKids – School Library Media Kids

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Mar 1st, 2011
Packed with book trailers, language arts-related games and much more, this new resource functions as a portal through which students can access educational tools and literacy-related resources. Students can play language arts games, use search engines, read book reviews, watch book trailers, visit author websites, and check reference works in a fun and user-friendly environment.

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