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5 Ways To Pack Up Your Classroom and Not Freak Out In the Fall

By Teachers.Net Community • Jun 5th, 2011

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By Nancy Barlow

Every year that I’ve taught, I’ve had to pack up almost everything …

Teaching At-Risk Kids – Your Required Summer Assignment

By Bill Page • Jun 1st, 2011
This strategy virtually guarantees participation and dialogue.

I Useta Couldn’t Spell Teechur – Now I Are One!

By Bill Page • Jun 1st, 2011
Back when I was in training, just as now, a prominent slogan was, “You are their teacher, not their friend.” (Meaning: you’ll never be able to intimidate the kids sufficiently, if you are friendly.) I was taught not to get too familiar, stay aloof, and maintain a professional demeanor. Wrong!

Discipline and Differentiation – Advice for Substitute Teachers

By Barbara Pressman • Jun 1st, 2011
The author of Substitute Teaching from A to Z fields questions about discipline techniques and differentiation of instruction.

Links & Likes

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Jun 1st, 2011
Links and Likes for June! New links and likes are added throughout each week, so check back often. …

BUSTED: Myths Exposed for New Teachers – Myth #3: Standardized Test Scores Shouldn’t Matter

By Betsy Weigle • Jun 1st, 2011
Testing, both formal and informal, is here to stay. We just haven't come up with a better way to fairly evaluate proficiency. Everyone will be tested at some point - literally, "number-two-pencil" tested, not just "life-is-hard" tested - and best teaching practices must ensure that students are ready for this challenge. So....

5 Web Sites for Busy Educators

By Marjan Glavac • Jun 1st, 2011
Every month Marjan searches the www for the best sites for educators and his June picks offer something for you!

Why the Bullying Will Continue. Prove Me Wrong!

By Robert Rose • Jun 1st, 2011
Once you understand my definition of bullying you’ll see why I believe bullying is so hard to defeat. The author's challenge: Go ahead, prove my title is wrong.

Make Block Play More Open-Ended with These Ideas – Karen’s PreK Page

By Karen Cox • Jun 1st, 2011

Karen Cox, teacher and creator of shares ideas for enhancing the all-important Block Play Center in any classroom! (Click on images for enlarged view.)

River Rocks, Leaves, Flowers

Children find many creative uses for the rocks, leaves, and …

“Well, Duh!” — Ten Obvious Truths That We Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

By Alfie Kohn • Jun 1st, 2011
The field of education bubbles over with controversies. It’s not unusual for intelligent people of good will to disagree passionately about what should happen in schools. But there are certain precepts that aren’t debatable, that just about anyone would have to acknowledge are true.

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