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Morale Matters – How Parents and Teachers Can Encourage Each Other and Their Students

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 17th, 2013

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

In your opinion, what are some school-related emotions of students? Which help with achievement? Which hurt? What are some school-related emotions of teachers and parents? How do they differ from each other?


Education is about the transfer


By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 17th, 2013
  • Ice Cream in a Baggie Recipe
  • Carol Goodrow’s Kids Running Printables
  • Guided Reading in Kindergarten
  • Happy Earth Day
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands
  • Portable Word Wall
  • Earth Day Every Day Award
  • Bringing Choices to

  • Dr. Seuss Theme Lessons & Activities for Read Across America and Beyond!

    By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 17th, 2013













    • How Do

    Read Across America & Seuss Day – Teachers’ Best Lesson and Activities

    By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 17th, 2013


    Every Day is Read Across America Day!

    Don’t let the date stop you from celebrating books and reading! Though Read Across America Day comes but once a year, you can keep the spirit alive by implementing the good …

    Cat in the Hat Pin for Read Across America Day

    By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 17th, 2013

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    Made from one jig saw puzzle piece.

    • Spread a thin layer of white glue over all but the “head” of the puzzle piece and press it into a mixture of glitter (I used predominately black

    5 Black History Month Web Sites for Busy Educators

    By Marjan Glavac • Feb 1st, 2013


    Each month Marjan Glavac, professional speaker, teacher and co-author of “How To Thrive And Survive In Your Classroom”, presents The Busy Educator’s Monthly Five – five websites for educators that are easy to read, simple to use and …

    Using Peer Mediation as an Alternative to Traditional Disciplinary Practice

    By Leah Davies, M.Ed. • Feb 1st, 2013
    Peer mediation programs offer schools an alternative to traditional disciplinary practices and help schools become safer places. The goal of peer mediation is to reduce conflict and provide children with problem-solving skills. Trained peer mediators create a safe atmosphere, allowing disputing students to tell their stories and assisting them in working out a mutually acceptable agreement.

    STEM Education for Young Children and Tweens

    By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 1st, 2013
    The National Science Foundation (NSF) has created this useful set of resources related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for educators and others interested in these fields. Here visitors can look over the resources, which include full-text books, pamphlets, and an interactive website.

    2 Network Tools: EasyDrop and Photo Raster 1.2

    By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 1st, 2013
    No doubt many Scout Report readers have enjoyed using Dropbox as a convenient way to store large files to share with colleagues, friends, and others. This handy Dropbox widget can be used with Google Chrome to access these files quickly. Visitors can use the program to download files from Dropbox, see recent changes, and also learn about updates of note. This version is compatible with all computers running Windows XP and newer.

    All Schooling Is A Game – The Kids and Teachers Merely Players

    By Bill Page • Feb 1st, 2013
    School Is not an imitation of life. Some people say, “After schooling students will have to play the Game of Life.” That may be true, but in life there are choices, and not everyone competes for the same goals. Winning and losing is strictly in terms of one’s personal goals. The school game is supremely important, with serious, life-long consequences. It influences not only students’ current lives but also shapes their future and influences their socioeconomic status. Students have no choice, except as home schooling and unschooling become more of an option.

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