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Reading Aloud to Students of all Ages – Links, Studies, Resources

By Teachers.Net Community • Apr 16th, 2011
Jim Trelease in his book The Read Aloud Handbook:

“Reading aloud is a commercial for reading. …Think of it this way: McDonald’s doesn’t stop advertising just because the vast majority of Americans know about its restaurants. Each year

eReader Chat Transcript – Host Barb/3/NE

By Teachers.Net Community • Apr 14th, 2011

Barb/3/NE – Hello! Welcome!
Barb/3/NE – Hi Ellen! Welcome to eReader chat.
ellen – Hello
Barb/3/NE – Did you have any questions on using eReaders in the classroom?
ellen – Not really, I was just curious to see what others

Rewiring Your Brain: Stress Reduction Discussion with Dr. Robert Rose and Tom Von Deck

By Robert Rose • Apr 3rd, 2011

Subject – REWIRING YOUR BRAIN on Dr. Robert Rose’s Blog Talk Radio program

STRESS REDUCTION, HAPPINESS BUILDING – guest: Tom Von Deck, author of Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Training Course

TOM VON DECK is a personal and workplace meditation …

5 Ways to Bounce Back After a Bad Day

By Mike Reading • Apr 1st, 2011
As teachers we are all prone to having a bad day at some stage! The latest statistics on teacher attrition say it all... a newly graduated teacher lasts on average 5 years. In stark contrast another sobering statistic tells us that teachers only really start to become effective and resilient after 5 years. If you a new teacher the way you bounce back from a bad day will determine which statistic you will become. For those of us who have past the five year mark the way we handle bad days will determine our level of job satisfaction and ultimately our effectiveness as teachers.

At-Risk Kids: Cultural Bias is Part of Our Culture

By Bill Page • Apr 1st, 2011
Indians turned down college scholarships, but offered free educational experiences of their own.

“Pitch & Shout” Instruction Method Really Works

By Bill Page • Apr 1st, 2011
If every kid in class is the same, teachers can teach them all the same. But if some kids are different, they have to find ways to accommodate the differences; there is no viable choice.

Earth Day, Ecology Theme Lessons, Activities

By Teachers.Net Community • Apr 1st, 2011
Earth Day ideas collected from the Teachers.Net global community!

Quotes for Educators – Apple Seeds of Inspiration

By Barb Stutesman • Apr 1st, 2011

Following are the Apple Seed quotes posted by Barb on the Teacher Chatboard each morning during March.

03-01:  I would rather fail in a cause that someday will triumph than win in a cause that I know will someday fail.

TMA Offers $5,000 Cash Prize to Outstanding Teachers

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Apr 1st, 2011
The deadline for 2011 Butler-Cooley Excellence in Teaching Award entries is May 2.

I’m Sorry I’m a Teacher

By Alan Haskvitz • Apr 1st, 2011
Until today, I never stopped to look at what my decision to become a teacher had cost. Now, I am sorry I became a teacher.

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