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Apple Seeds Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman • Feb 28th, 2018
Here they are...all the quotes from the month of December, ready to use for discussion starters, newsletters, morning announcements, or for your personal, daily inspiration.

The Zamboni Factor – An Olympic Lesson for Teachers of Children by Todd R. Nelson

By Todd R. Nelson • Feb 20th, 2018
The zamboni factor is more than some sleight of hand that gives profound meaning to ordinary tasks. The power isn’t just in the tool. I think it signifies the meaning we seek in tasks, the link between good work and good works: taking pride in the work we do, and being offered work that feels valued.

Quotes for Educators – Apple Seeds from the Teachers.Net Chatboard

By Barb Stutesman • Feb 1st, 2018
Apple Seeds are quotes posted daily by Barb S. on the Teachers.Net general topics chatboard. The "seeds" provide inspiration and discussion starters for our members. Join Teachers.Net and become part of the dialog!

20 Things to Never Say to Your Co-teacher When Co-teaching by Susan Fitzell

By Susan Fitzell • Feb 1st, 2018
Co-teaching and collaboration is challenging because it requires educators to stretch out of their comfort zones and embrace an initiative that they may have had no say in. Many teachers are forced into co-teaching and find themselves paired with another adult in the classroom without any training in the people skills part of the process. They just don’t know what to do or what to say. Yet, what we *say* to each other can make or break our relationship before we even begin.

Can You Hear Me?: Encouraging Listening and Speaking in Your Classroom by Barbara Blackburn

By Barbara Blackburn • Feb 1st, 2018
How important are speaking and listening in your classroom? The majority of our instruction requires students to speak and listen, either to the teacher or to other students. But I’ve found that many students don’t have strong skills in these areas. We don’t provide structured activities so that students learn how to speak and listen. Simply lecturing and expecting students to absorb what we say isn’t the best method of instruction. First, we need to teach our students how to listen.

Drop the Call by Naomi Schaefer Riley, Author of Be the Parent, Please

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Jan 27th, 2018

Excerpted from Be the Parent, Please: Stop Banning Seesaws and Start Banning Snapchat. Published by Templeton Press. (c) 2018 Naomi Schaefer Riley. 

When it comes to technology, parents must examine not only how they want their children to relate to

*NEW* Book! Be the Parent, Please: Stop Banning Seesaws and Start Banning Snapchat by Naomi Schaefer Riley

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Jan 5th, 2018
Without guidance from adults -- indeed sometimes with their encouragement -- young people are wasting hours “in an online youth world, running up opportunity costs every time they check their MySpace page and neglect their English homework, paying for them years later when they can’t read or write well enough to do academic work or qualify for a job, or know enough to answer simple questions about the scientific method, Rembrandt or Auschwitz.”

Classroom Management Articles by Harry & Rosemary Wong

By Harry K. & Rosemary Wong • Dec 1st, 2017
The internationally known and sought after classroom management gurus, authors of the bestselling First Days of School and THE Classroom Management Book, Harry & Rosemary Wong share all 15 years of their timeless Effective Teaching articles, written exclusively for Teachers.Net Gazette, right here in one place for easy access.

Thinking Made Visible by Sarah Powley

By Sarah Powley, Education Coach • Dec 1st, 2017
Used to be, when students would stare off into space, we wouldn’t know what they were thinking about. Now, with all the screens in front of their faces—and ours—we at least know the topic of their attention. But what are they actually thinking? How can we get inside their heads to discern their thought process? If they’re on the mark, terrific! But if they’re stuck, how can we know?

The Soil of Learning

By Todd R. Nelson • Dec 1st, 2017
Stewardship of a learning community requires intimate knowledge of its climate and soil. Schooling, like farming, is an intensely local enterprise. My favorite poet and farmer is Wendell Berry of Eastern Kentucky. “The particular farm,” he writes, “must not be treated as any farm.... Farming by the measure of... the nature of the particular place means that farmers must tend farms that they know and love, farms small enough to know and love, using tools and methods that they know and love, in the company of neighbors that they know and love. . . . The inability to distinguish between a farm and any farm is a condition predisposing to abuse.” When I first read these thoughts I was struck by how parallel they are with the qualities of robust schools. It emphasizes the strength of progressive schooling to substitute the word “school” for “farm” in these sentences.

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.14 No.4 Dec 2017
Cover Story by Barbara Blackburn
Keys to Blended Learning
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